IEMs For Gamers Under Rs 10,000

IEMs For Gamers Under Rs 10,000

With the advancement in technologies and the increase in craze for competitive games such as PUBG, Valorant, Counter-Strike, etc. The requirements for gaming accessories such as gaming earphones, gaming keyboards, gaming mouse, etc has greatly increased in the market. Every now and then we get random queries from our customers and friends that want a pair of earphones/in-ear monitors specifically for gaming. We at Concept Kart have a large catalogue of in-ear monitors that are designed and tuned to suit different genres and gaming we consider as a huge genre in itself. Obviously, gamers would like to be ahead of their competition with the precise imaging and positioning capabilities of these high-quality in-ear monitors. So today we are bringing you this comprehensive guide on the best earphones for gamers. Across all our queries, we have found people usually make a budget of 5 to 10 thousand Indian rupees for these requirements. So with our today’s blog, we will be including our top in-ear monitors that are suitable for gaming under a budget of 10 thousand Indian rupees. We will try our best to cover different price brackets in this blog starting from the entry-level point. So, sit back, buckle up, and get ready to upgrade your gaming experience with our expert suggestions.

What’s the benefit of using in-ear monitors compared to standard earphones for gaming?

Before we begin our suggestions, One question might arise in the mind of beginners how do in-ear monitors benefit a gamer compared to standard earphones? Well, here are our key points for this matter.

Proper Isolation Mean Proper Engagement:-

While gaming, you don’t wanna get disturbed. Especially when you are in a competitive match, you have to be engaged properly to hear every single detail. In these cases, the isolation promised by in-ear monitors greatly benefits the user. Users kind of get immersed in the world of the game with proper isolation and this is where IEMs excel at providing.

Precise Imaging Helps You Locate Your Enemies:-

With perfect imaging capabilities, you can hear your entire map through your in-ear monitors. This greatly helps in competitive titles, giving you an idea of where your enemy is moving.

Strong Lower-End Gives a More Dynamic Experience:-

Imagine shooting through your gun and feeling every single bullet being dropped out there. This is possible with the perfect imaging and refined bass response with in-ear motors. Proper Isolation also improves this 3D experience.

This is how IEMs improve the gaming experience for the users. You get a proper seal, precise enemy locations(Spatial Imaging), and a big 3D experience. Now, let’s go ahead and check out our recommendations!!


Moondrop Chu:-

Moondrop Chu


Sound Signature: Neutral with a slightly boosted treble.

Gaming Benefit: Excellent Imaging helps you locate your enemies faster.

Moondrop Chu is a well-recognized pair of in-ear monitors. The single dynamic driver IEM is widely loved for its impressive clarity, decent staging, and excellent price-to-performance ratio. Chu benefits gamers by providing excellent imaging and clarity. It helps you to recognize your enemies on the map easily and plan your gameplay accordingly. Moondrop Chu is a fantastic earphone at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs 1,539.


KZ D-Fi:-


Sound Signature: Smooth U-Shaped Tuning, Powerful Bass.

Gaming Benefit: Strong Bass produces engaging sound.

KZ’s latest single dynamic driver offering, the KZ D-Fi sounds brilliant. It has a smooth U-shaped profile that benefits gamers with a rich and dynamic gaming experience. It envelops the listener with its impressive lower-end punch that adds some depth to the stage and gives it a more 3D feel. You get pulled into the world of your game with a strong sound presentation of the KZ D-Fi. KZ D-Fi also has a tenable variant with 4 tuning switches. They allow the listener to adjust the output more to their liking. KZ D-Fi is an IEM priced attractively at just Rs 1,949.


KZ x HBB PR2:-



Sound Signature: Balanced, With a bit boosted Bass.

Benefit for Gamers: Outstanding Clarity, Strong Resolution, Impressive Details.

KZ PR2 is the talk of the town currently. After all, it’s a strong set with a strong sound foundation. You get a finely-tuned balanced sound response with a bit of boost in the lower-end region. The pair benefit the users with its sheer resolution, fast transients, and strong lower end. Probably one of the finest sets around this price point that enhances your gaming experience with its clarity and detail retrieval. Apart from gaming, KZ PR2 is also outstanding for music and movies!! It comes at a pocket-friendly price of Rs 3,990.





Sound Signature: Warm-Balanced.

Benefit For Gamers: Strong, Hard-Hitting Bass Creates The Perfect Atmosphere For Games.

IKKO OPAL OH2 is a fantastic pair of in-ear monitors that packs wonderful sound. The pair has a warm sound tuning, it has a strong lower-end response, and a lovely midrange. Opal OH2 is a great option for gamers as the added bass response adds a sense of realism and engages the gamer with its strong presence. OPAL OH2 also has lightweight and small ergonomic cavities, they provide excellent comfort as well!! IKKO OPAL OH2 can be grabbed for just Rs 6,999.


Simgot EA500:-

Simgot EA500


Sound Signature: Neutral With a Slightly Boosted Treble.

Benefit For Gamers: Excellent Imaging and Clarity.

Simgot EA500 is creating vibes all around the globe for its excellent sound delivery. The pair has a neutral tuning profile with a bit of a boost in the treble response. The pair delivers impressive clarity with crisp resolution throughout the frequency band. It benefits gamers with its natural tonality, sheer resolution, and impressive details. You can easily recognize your enemies from a distance and be prepared for them. For music lovers, the pair actually has two sets of tuning nozzles that help you play around with the sound output as well. Simgot EA500 comes with a price tag of RS 6,690.


See Audio Rinko:-

See Audio Rinko


Sound Signature: Balanced, With Sub-bass boost.

Benefit For Gamers: Excellent Rumbling Bass Response & Crisp Clarity.

See Audio Rinko is a premium dual-driver IEM designed in collaboration with Z Reviews a famous Youtube Review Channel. The pair packs amazing sound, it has a balanced sound profile with boosted sub-bass. The boosted sub-bass enhances the gaming experience drastically as it adds depth and realism to the output with a rumbling lower-end. You also get crisp, clear instruments that benefit the users in pin-pointing the enemies. See Audio Rinko is a fantastic choice for gamers!! It is available with us for Rs 8,499.


7Hz Dioko:-

7Hz Dioko


Sound Signature: Neutral With Boosted Treble.

Benefit For Gamers: Excellent Clarity and Clear Details.

7Hz Dioko is a planar magnetic driver IEM that packs a strongly detailed sound output. Some people might call the Dioko to have an analytical sound signature. It greatly benefits gamers with its crisp detailing and outstanding resolution throughout the frequency band. The lower end also has a strong presence that adds a sense of depth to the presentation. Dioko also brings the benefit of fast transient response benefits the users with a fast and nicely-detailed output. 7Hz Dioko is available with us for Rs 9,690.


7Hz Legato:-

7Hz Legato


Sound Signature: Warm, Bass-heavy.

Benefit For Gamers: Strong & Hard-Hitting Lower-End Response.

7Hz has done a great job with the Legato. This dual-driver IEM packs a strong sound with an impressively powerful lower-end response. You get hard-hitting slams that greatly enhance your gaming experience with an added sense of depth and realism. Legato produces a big, wide stage that again benefits the user with a 3D presentation. 7Hz Legator is an amazing choice of IEM for gamers as the pair is tuned with strong bass. Even with such a strong lower end, the other frequencies are quite clean and precise. So you get excellent bass, clear midrange, and a smoothly detailed treble response. This is a perfect combination for gamers if you ask us!! We have the 7Hz Legato at an attractive price of Rs 8,690!!


Final Words:-

This completes our comprehensive guide for IEMs for Gamers. We have tried our best to cover different sound signatures and mention the products that offer crazy value for money performance. We are pretty sure that you will find your next pair of in-ear monitors here, especially for all your gaming needs. For any further questions or queries, feel free to connect with us on our website!!