KZ ZEX Pro IEM Review: Budget Tribrid, Is It Good?

Earlier this year, KZ blew away the audio lovers with their latest ZEX Hybrid In-Ear Monitors. The pair brought a unique combination of a low-voltage EST and a dual-magnetic dynamic driver in a very affordable price segment(priced at just INR 2,000). It delivered crazy value for money with its excellent...

Mobvoi TicKasa Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review

Being an audio enthusiast or you can call me an audio lover, I have always been open to trying out different types of transducers including In-ear monitors, Over-Ear Headphones, Bluetooth earphones, and even Bluetooth Headphones. While I have a personal opinion that wired and wireless will always have a huge quality difference, the latest wireless products in the market say otherwise.

KZ ZEX Earphone Review: Dynamic and EST Hybrid At A Budget

KZ has released several different earphones most of which have been at the center of discussions in the audiophile communities worldwide. Today I am gonna share my impressions of one of their latest pair, the KZ ZEX.

Venture Electronics BIE Earphone Review: Is It The Best Under Rs 2000?

If you are following the Chi-Fi audio scene, you must be familiar with Venture Electronics, the famous brand behind the revolutionary Monk Plus earbuds. I called the Monk Plus revolutionary as they changed the way I enjoy my music, at a mere 799 Rs they deliver so much value with excellent comfort and smooth sound tuning. But today, I am not here to discuss any more about the Monk Plus, I am here to share my impressions on their single DD earphones, the VE Bonus IE(also known as VE BIE).