Latest Launch -ThieAudio – Monarch MKIII IEM

Vaibhav Rathod

Thieaudio has proudly introduced its latest generation of the famous “Monarch” series of multi-driver hybrid IEMs with the official release of the Thieaudio Monarch MK3. As the name suggests, the Monarch MK3 is the third iteration of the series. The OG Monarch was released back in 2019, it got fantastic...

Latest Launch MOONDROP - MoonRiver 2 Ti Portable USB DAC & Amp

Animesh Gupta

Moondrop is usually counted among the top names when it comes to premium in-ear monitors and portable USB DAC/AMPs. For many years, Moondrop has acted as a pillar in the HiFi Audio market with a wide catalogue of offerings. Today, we are proudly launching their latest Moonriver, 2 the portable USB DAC/AMP. It’s a special Titanium build variant for the award-winning Moonriver 2 portable USB DAC/AMP from Moondrop. Moondrop has not only upgraded the build structure, they have also optimized the components inside for improved audio performance. We have brought the Moondrop Moonriver 2 Ti for you priced at just Rs 17,990!!

Launching Premium Audio Gear From Shanling Audio!!

Vaibhav Rathod

Shanling is a premium name in the market with a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation in designing premium audio products. They have a wide catalogue of products ranging in different categories such as Digital Audio Players, Portable USB DAC/AMPs, In-Ear Monitors, etc. We are excited to provide our customers access to these innovative and class-leading products from Shanling available at your doorstep in India. 

AFUL - Performer 8 Now Available In India

Vaibhav Rathod

After the successful debut in the market with the Performer 5, AFUL Audio instantly started working on their next project. The Performer 5 was appreciated by audio lovers both in India as well as in the international market. We had previously brought you the Performer 5 available at your doorstep in India, we are going to follow up the same with the Performer 8.