New Launches on Concept Kart : Simgot EA500, 7Hz Legato, KZ D-FI

New Launches on Concept Kart : Simgot EA500, 7Hz Legato, KZ D-FI

Over the years, we at Concept Kart have dedicated all our efforts and time to bringing the latest gadgets and gears at the best prices available directly in India. We have a huge catalogue of products that cover different categories including Audio Gadgets, Smart Home Products, Protective Tablet Covers, and many more. Today, We are proudly launching new products to our catalogue, adding three new pairs of widely-acclaimed in-ear monitors to the audio gadget category. We are bringing you the much-awaited Simgot EA500, the 7Hz Legato, and the KZ’s latest D-Fi IEMs. All three of these are now available in our store on Pre-Order, you can place your order and the products will be delivered to you within a time period of 2 to 3 weeks!!

Simgot EA500: Highly-Acclaimed Single Dynamic Driver IEMs!!

Simgot EA500

The EA500 is a brand-new single-dynamic driver IEM that is shaking the budget category with its outstanding sound capabilities. Simgot has featured a specially developed 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver unit with a double-magnetic design. It has dual tuning options as well with the help of replaceable nozzles. The pair is receiving numerous praises worldwide, specifically for its rich tone, clear three-frequency response, and superb build quality as well. Simgot has featured nicely crafted mirror-finish ear shells which are made using a high-quality mirror-plating process.

Simgot EA500 is available with us on pre-order for just Rs 6,690. The pre-order timeline is set at 2 to 3 weeks, you can check out more details and information related to the EA500 on our website here.

7Hz Legato: Dual Dynamic Driver IEMs With Powerful Bass Response!!

7Hz Legato

From the makers of successful IEMs like the Timeless and the Eternal, we are bringing you their latest set, the 7Hz Legato. Legato houses a dual-dynamic driver arrangement housing 12mm and 6mm dynamic driver units on each side. The pair adopts a high-power Neodymium N52 magnetic architecture for clear sound reproduction. 7Hz Legato came out recently and it is getting pretty amazing reviews worldwide praising its strong lower end and wide frequency range!!

We have brought you the 7Hz Legato for just Rs 8,690. It is available with us on pre-order with delivery planned within a 2 to 3-week period.

KZ D-Fi: Latest Budget IEM From KZ!!


KZ is well-known for its budget-priced, high-performing IEMs. They have just released their latest pair of high-resolution in-ear monitors, the KZ D-Fi. D-Fi features a single dynamic driver arrangement with a dual-magnetic architecture. KZ has designed the D-Fi with an innovative circuit board that allows for precise tuning adjustments. D-Fi actually comes in two different variants, a normal standard variant and another tunable variant with four tuning switches. The four tuning switches allow for 16 different tunings with the pair. The pair offers easy drivability allowing the user to enjoy high-resolution sound straight out of their smartphones.

KZ D-Fi starts at just Rs 1,990 for the standard variant and the Tunable variant is available with us for just Rs 2,390. Both variants are coming soon with an expected delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks, You can pre-order the KZ D-Fi with us today!!