Thank you for being a loyal customer

Our rewards program is our way to thank you for being part of our journey. By Joining, you will be able to get rewarded for many actions and not just for making purchases.

How to earn Reward Points?

No Points System. Get instant cash rewards for your next purchase

Rs. 5/-

Register credit
Register and get Rs. 5 credit

Rs. 10/-

Subscriber Credit
Subscribe and get Rs. 10 credit

Credit on FIRST order
Earn 1% credit on your first order value

Credit on SECOND order
Earn 2% credit on your second order value

Credit on THIRD order
Earn 3% credit on your third order value

Credit on FOURTH order
Earn 4% credit on your fourth order value

Credit on FIFTH order
Earn 5% credit on your fifth order value

Credit on order number Sixth and next orders

You can earn 5% credit on order number 6 and next orders 7, 8..... n

Rs. 25/-

Birthday credit
Share your birth date with us to get Rs. 25 credit on your birthday

Rs. 15/-

Product review credit
Write a product review and get Rs. 15 credit

Rs. 5/-

Referral Program
Invite your friends and get Rs. 5 credit when they sign up

Rs. 10/-

Referral Program
When your friends accept the invitation, they will get Rs. 10 credit


Cart Discount

Redeem your Cash Rewards to get a discount on your order

Your cart value should be Rs. 1 (or more). If yes, only then you are eligible to use 50% of cart value as credit.


What is this?

This is our cash rewards program. It is our way to say thanks for being part of our journey. Our rewards program is designed to let our power customers buy at a discounted price or get free products.

How does it work?

Register for a customer account or login to your existing customer account to access the rewards. Get cash every time you shop and redeem points for exclusive discounts.

How do I spend my Rewards?

1. You can redeem your Reward cash on the cart page; not on the checkout page.

2. First make sure that you are logged into the shop with the email where you are receiving rewards program notifications.

3. If you don't have an account attached to that email, please just create one.

4. The system will automatically link it to the right rewards program account using your email.

5. Then, go to the cart and click on the redeem button below the cart.