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Your Satisfaction is Our Priority


Adding a techy glimpse in your being by Concept Kart. Concept Kart comes up with all the tech-related stuff whether it's Bleeding edge or High Technologies. You are on the best E-Commerce site for electronics and gadgets. Evolving the world we came up with the best feasible electronic products. Your satisfaction is our priority.


With a positive mindset and too much energy with tons of passion we started the journey of eCommerce through our website in 2018. With a dream in our bright eyes, We decided to pick gadgets and electronics to make them available at good value for the money spent.

We believe in quality, care, and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. Simple, creative, and inspired by what we see everyday, each product represents what we love about the world we live in. We hope they’ll inspire you too. With huge success, our dream showed its existence and now we are known as the Concept Kart.

What do we sell?

We have taken the responsibility to meet the needs of our clients in the domain of technology. On our website, you will get State of the art electronics and fascinating gadgets. Concept kart is in high demand because of the value to the money of each product shown here. The variety here can make anyone cyber trance. We choose very carefully high quality and best selling products around the world. 


  1. "Our employees and customers have shared their reviews about our website. We hope you like to read some of them to know more about our website." Sachin_12
  2. "What I like most about the service was their consistent high-quality service which was friendly and non-patronizing." Samira Alam
  3. "When I started surfing this website I buggered up and was unknown about the addiction I'm going to fall with. Like really every single time it hits me with extraordinary products related to new technologies. kind of unfair with my pocket." Bhavani Shastri
  4. "I freakin love to scroll here for new gadgets. The best part is that the items here are fresh. Really loved your website. You guys are doing great work and I really hope for success." Martin Shah
  5. "This site is easy to manage the customer and the support is really outstanding. As a website developer myself, I loved the look also. Now talking of gadgets you will get what you want because I found that everything is neatly arranged here. And not to mention about bringing gadgets and electronic equipment in quantities." Nitin Goel
  6. "Easy to use looks great. Always improving. Love you guys. My whole family is in love with this site. I brought my phone last month from here and from then, I have recommended my five classmates about this site because of its cheap rates and hot deals on recent models." Vinay Dutt

Experience and Background 

Gagan Jajoria and Harish Virmani are the pillars of Concept Kart. They have a talent for bringing concepts to life. Talking of our first talented person Gagan Jajoria. He pursued an MBA degree from FMS Delhi University. Have 12 years+ experience in various industries. Interested in gadgets and new technologies. Yearn to fetch in the Indian market. Our second extraordinary soul is Harish Virmani obeyed by an MBA degree and an Korean Language expert having more than 10 years experience in Samsung, Bank of America.etc.