Best IEM's Under 2000

Best IEM Under 2000

In-Ear Monitors, commonly referred to as IEMs have a huge market worldwide. They are one of the most important gears for portable audio lovers. Their ease of usage, comfortable wearing style, and good isolation levels have made them find a place in every audiophile’s collection. The market for IEMs is huge, literally huge, spread across a vast price range. And every price segment brings a variety of options that actually increases the confusion in the mind of the buyers. If you are a beginner who has just started out his journey looking for budget audio gear, you are going to get confused with the range of options available at this point. To ease your confusion and aid you with your first purchase, we are bringing you this blog, with our top recommendations under Rs 2000, the best IEMs you can get currently under a budget of 2000 Indian Rupees. Don’t worry if you are an experienced audiophile, you can also read ahead and get yourself a beater pair for daily usage. We have decided a price of under 2000 this price bracket covers most entry-level IEMs and offers crazy value-for money products that will instantly improve your music listening experience!! Let’s not waste any more time and begin with our recommendations.

KZ D-FI:- Rs 1,949


Sound Signature: Balanced Sound With Bass Boost.

Driver Configuration: Single Dynamic Driver with Dual-Magnetic Structure.

KZ D-Fi is the latest launch from KZ and we are the first in India to bring this stunning IEM. D-Fi offers crazy value for money with its outstanding clarity and a smoothly energetic sound signature. It comes in two variants, if you can increase your budget a bit you get a tunable variant that comes with four tuning switches. The pair is said to have 16 different tuning profiles with the help of these tuning switches. KZ D-Fi has a strong lower-end that complements the other frequencies nicely and produces a complete sound that complements different genres well. Price: Rs 1,949

KZ ZVX:- Rs 1,899


Sound Signature: Neutral Tuning With Little Bass Boost.

Driver Configuration: Single Dynamic Driver With Dual-Cavity Design.

KZ is the king of budget IEMs. They have a huge collection of products that offer amazing sound and doesn’t hit the pocket hard either. The latest ZVX is also one such pair with a dual-cavity single dynamic driver configuration on each side. The pair packs a powerful performance with a neutral sound tuning and a little bass boost. The vocals on the ZVX are something to crave for, they are juicy, lush, and have a textured finish. The bass is also an attraction with the ZVX, it is fast, punchy, and has a dynamic presentation. KZ ZVX is a strong companion under the 2000 Rupees price bracket!! Price: Rs 1,899.

KZ Ling Long:- Rs 1,290

KZ Ling Long

Sound Signature: Warmish-Balanced Tuning.

Driver Configuration: Single Dynamic Driver Unit.

Ling Long is probably one of the most affordable sets in this list and it is also one of the most amazing one as well. KZ has done an excellent job in tuning the Ling Long, the pair has a warmish-balanced tuning profile showing a balanced three-frequency response with a hint of bass boost. The pair has a fast, dynamic, lively sound presentation that has amazing clarity for this price bracket. The Ling Long has a bullet-shaped form factor that is very comfortable to wear. It uses newly-developed XUN-6 external magnetic dynamic driver unit enclosed in a beautifully crafted aluminium alloy chamber. The pair has open-back design that not only gives improved staging, but also improves the wearing comfort for the listeners!! Price: Rs 1,290.

Tangzu Waner SG:- Rs 1,990

Tangzu Waner SG

Sound Signature: Warm Signature With Clean Three-Frequency Response.

Driver Configuration: 10mm single DD.

If you care a lot about lightweight resin ear cavities, the Tangzu Waner SG is a fantastic option in the price range. With a 10mm dynamic driver unit on each side, the Waner SG promises top-quality sound with a clear three-frequency response. The pair has a warm sound signature, the bass hits hard and complements the other frequencies nicely. Vocals on the Waner SG also have a clean texture and a lovely warm touch. The Treble has a smooth inoffensive presentation, actually an enjoyable three-frequency response. Price: Rs 1,990.

QKZ x HBB:- Rs 1,549


Sound Signature: Warmish-Balanced.

Driver Configuration: Single Dynamic Driver.

QKZ joined hands with world-renowned reviewer Hawaiian Bad Boy(HBB) for this beautifully crafted pair, the QKZ x HBB. It packs powerful, lively sound with a balanced three-frequency response and has a warm tone to its output. You get strong, hard hitting lower-end, the bass is literally something to drool over. Midrange has an intimate presentation presenting the vocals with a charming tone. Treble on the QKZ x HBB is very nicely done, you get decent details with a smooth, inoffensive treble. QKZ x HBB offers crazy price to performance ratio, the clarity, detail for the price is simply amazing. Price: Rs 1,549.

7Hz Salnotes Zero:- Rs 1,690

7Hz Salnotes Zero

Sound Signature: Natural with a hint of brightness.

Driver Configuration: Single Dynamic Driver

We can praise the performance of the Salnotes Zero entire day and believe us it won’t still be enough. 7Hz Salnotes is probably one of the best sounding sets around this price bracket. The smooth, neutral tone, the clean, refined lower-end, the accurate midrange, and the energetic, lively treble makes this one of the finest sounding sets under the 2000Rs price range. 7Hz Salnotes come in a variety of variants offering cosmetic changes and different termination options as well. Price: Rs 1,690.

CCA NRA:- Rs 1,949


Sound Signature: Neutral Sound With Relaxed, Smooth Presentation.

Driver Configuration: Dynamic+EST Hybrid Design.

The NRA came out 2 years back, but it still holds its charm with its outstanding sound performance. With a combination of Dynamic and Electrostatic drivers, the CCA NRA packs a sound that is both detailed and smooth in its presentation. EST (Electrostatic Drivers) does a fantastic job in producing clear treble while the dynamic driver helps in achieving a powerful lower end and lovely midrange presentation. This is also among the most affordable EST based hybrid IEMs in the market. If you are someone who prefers a lively sound with clean, refined presentation, The CCA NRA might be the perfect choice for you. Price: Rs 1,949.

Tin HiFi T1 Plus:- Rs 1,790

Tin HiFi T1 Plus

Sound Signature: Warmish.

Driver Configuration: Single Dynamic Driver.

Tin HiFi T1 Plus packs a powerful and strong sound with a warm tone. The single dynamic driver delivers outstanding bass slam and a strong bass punch that actually complements the lovely vocals in the midrange and smoothly done treble. T1 Plus has a lightweight, ergonomic design that promises a comfortable fit for the users. It has high-sensitivity so you don’t have to worry about giving high-power source and can enjoy these with any source as simple as your smartphone!! Price: Rs 1,790.

Final Words:-

Well, this completes our top recommendations under the budget category of Rs 2,000. One thing we can tell you for sure is that the price bracket is competitive, but it is highly rewarding as well. With a pocket-friendly budget of 2000 Indian Rupees, you get to experience impressive clarity and resolution that instantly improves your music listening experience!! We hope this guide helps you out, for any further questions or queries, feel free to contact us through our website!!