IEM’s for Drummers & Live Performers

Iem for drummers and performers

In-Ear Monitors, commonly known as IEMs are specially designed earphones that we actually see live performers using while they are performing. Almost everyone on the stage wears an IEM around their ear. The primary reason behind this is to get isolated from the surrounding noise and actually be in line with beat/vocals that they are playing. When you are performing live you need to understand every single beat so as to play it precisely. It actually helps in maintaining the rhythm and beat of the music that you are playing. In the case of drummers, it’s actually even more required for the instrument sound around you is quite hard-hitting and heavy which is the perfect situation to miss beats and break your performance. Well, if you are a drummer, or a live performance, or even a serious audio enthusiast, and you crave a perfectly detailed, crisp sound, we are bringing you today’s guide to help you get the perfect IEM that will suit your needs. Don’t worry, we will try out best to cover different price segments in this blog so that everyone can benefit from this write-up. So, pick up your glasses, and let’s get reading.

What to Look for in IEMs When You Are a Drummer?

When you are a live performer, whether a vocalist or a drummer, or any other musical instrument player, what you need to look for in an IEM is well-separated instruments, an airy soundstage, and a refined lower end. You actually need to hear every single beat precisely so as to keep up with the playback. Not to mention, you also need proper isolation from the surroundings. Keep these points in mind and you are good to go. Now we will start with our list of recommendations, we will include different price brackets so as to bring something for everyone.

7Hz Salnotes Zero:-

Price: Starts at Rs 1,690.

Salnote Zero

If you are looking for pocket-friendly and budget-oriented sets, there’s nothing that can beat the awesome 7Hz Salnotes Zero. The pair sounds simply wonderful, it has crisply detailed instruments with decent imaging capabilities. You can actually hear every single instrument independently which greatly helps you in keeping up with your performance. Salnotes Zero has a good balance between tone and timbre as well. It has a spacious staging and a lovely fit as well. 7Hz Salnotes Zero sits firmly and provides good isolation from the surroundings. And the best part is that it doesn’t hit your pocket hard either, it’s available starting at just Rs 1,690.

KZ PR1 Planar:-

Price: Starts at Just Rs 5,990.

Kz PR1 Planer

KZ PR1 is a premium performing Planar Magnetic Driver IEM that’s priced attractively at just 5,990. The pair uses a large 13.2mm planar magnetic driver with a dual-cavity design. It actually has two variants, the Balanced edition with a clear three-frequency response, and the HiFi edition with an enhanced treble response. For our drummer friends out there the HiFi edition is an excellent choice as it has well-detailed instruments with class-leading imaging capabilities. The pair also has a fast and dynamic lower end that enhances your listening experience. KZ PR1 Planar delivers excellent sound with ultimate resolution and is available at a pocket-friendly price!!

Simgot EA500:-

Price: Rs 6,690.


Simgot is creating the waves all around with the all-new EA500 single dynamic driver IEMs. The pair packs wonderful sound with an amazing tone and comfortable design. It benefits from a 10mm dual-cavity, dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit that promises impressive clarity over a wide frequency response range. Simgot EA500 comes with an adjustable tuning function with two sets of tuning nozzles in the package. You can actually enjoy two different sound signatures with the pair. It will greatly benefit your use case(Live Performer) with its rich tonality, clean separation, and outstanding performance at a budget price point!!

LETSHUOER X Gizaudio Galileo:-

Price: Rs 9,499.

LETSHUOER X Gizaudio Galileo

Gizaudio is a famous media channel, they have joined hands with LETSHUOER in bringing Galileo a high-performance dual-driver hybrid set of IEMs. It packs a powerful dynamic driver and a high-performance SONION BA unit. The pair delivers impressive clarity with crisply detailed instruments and a fast lower end. Galileo also has excellent designer looks with hand-painted ear shells. The pair is a complete package of awesome sound and comfortable design.


Price: Rs 12,999.


LETSHUOER S12 is a high-performance Planar magnetic driver IEM that is known for its unparalleled sound capabilities. It’s a pair that can easily compete with IEMs priced way above its price bracket purely with its sound. It houses a large 14.8mm planar magnetic driver unit that produces a fast lower end, crisp midrange, and highly-detailed treble response. S12 Pro delivers unmatched clarity for instruments and shows sheer resolution throughout a wide frequency response range. It has an ergonomic shape as well promising quality fit and isolation!!

7Hz Timeless AE:-

Price: Rs 22,990.

7Hz Timeless AE

7Hz Timeless was the planar set that actually revolutionized the Planar Driver in IEMS in recent times. Together with Angel Ears, 7Hz enhanced the performance of the OG Timeless and brought us the Timeless AE. With a large 14.2mm Planar driver unit, the Timeless AE promises a quality listening experience with crisp and nicely-detailed instruments. It has a dual-magnetic array that produces a powerful magnetic flux promising clean and crisp output with low distortion. 7Hz Timeless AE is a fan-favorite set!!

Moondrop Blessing 2:-

Price: Rs 28,990.

Moondrop Blessing 2

The Blessing 2 is a highly-acclaimed set of multi-driver hybrid IEMS from the house of Moondrop. The pair packs the goodness of a customized dynamic driver unit and four high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. The DD unit produces impactful lower-end responses while the BA drivers promise top-class resolution, airy soundstage, and well-separated instruments. It’s one of the finest-sounding sets of crisp instruments, excellent imaging is your primary requirement!!

64Audio U12T:-

Price: 1,49,990.

64Audio U12T

Let’s climb the ladder to the top and experience top-quality sound. 64Audio U12T is an award-winning multi-BA driver flagship set of in-ear monitors that are recommended by many serious audio enthusiasts from all around the world. The pair packs an authentic sound experience with a 12 BA driver configuration on each side. It promises exceptional resolution, exceptional clarity, and exceptional lower-end response!! 64Audio U12T is an IEM crafted for serious enthusiasts and performers who want nothing else but just pure sound experience!!

Final Words:-

The list above shows some recommendations we have for our Drummer friends. They are focused on delivering crisply detailed instruments and a refined three-frequency response that actually complements your performance and helps you get every single note in perfect sync. We hope this guide helps you choose your next pair of IEMs easily, for any further questions or queries, you can contact us through the chat window on our website!!