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KZ - Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter

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[COMPATIBLE WITH IPHONE]: This year, KZ focused on the development of the Lighting-3.5mm portable conversion connector for the first time. Many iPhone users have a problem that they cannot enjoy HIFI music. For iPhones in recent years, the 3.5mm stereo plug has been removed, leaving the iPhone-specific Lighting plug. This connector perfectly solved this problem. iPhone audiophiles can enjoy HIFI music using their smartphones.

[ADOPTS OFC SILVER-PLATED CABLE]: The cable part of the KZ Lighting-3.5mm portable conversion connector uses an OFC silver-plated cable. OFC cables have better conductivity. Sound signals can be transmitted firmly. At the same time, the silver-plated construction gives the vocals and high-frequency sound better conductivity. It brings a very good sense of presence.

[ADOPTS A STRUCTURE OF 8 CORES AND 200 CORES]: This KZ Lighting-3.5mm portable conversion connector adopts an 8-core 200-core structure. This earphone upgrade cable is hard to break and looks new even if you use it for a long time. Since the structure of 8 cores and 200 cores is adopted, this cable can transmit sound signals properly. You can clearly reproduce the delicacy of music.

[METAL HOUSING]: The connector part of the KZ Lighting-3.5mm Portable Conversion Connector is not polymer. A metal housing is used for the KZ Lighting-3.5mm portable conversion connector. This structure can effectively extend the solar year of the connector. Also, the metal housing is much cleaner.



A total of 8 shares, 25 cores per share, a total of 200 cores (0.05 wire diameter)

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