Introducing ARTTI : Revolutionizing the Audiophile World with Three Incredible IEMs

Introducing ARTTI : Revolutionizing the Audiophile World with Three Incredible IEMs

ARTTI is making waves among the audiophiles worldwide. The brand recently came into the limelight with three new sets of in-ear monitors and each one of them is getting rave reviews online. We have good news for you guys, We at Concept Kart are bringing you all-new products from ARTTI. We have partnered with the brand directly bringing you all three of the latest products, securely buy the ARTTI R1, ARTTI R2, and the ARTTI T10 IEms in India now without worrying about the customs or any other tax at all. All three products are now available on our website available on pre-order with shipments expected to begin later this month. Let’s know about them better.

ARTTI R1: Triple DD Charm!!

Price: Rs 6,499.




ARTTI R1 is one of the only few triple-dynamic driver IEMs on the planet as of now. Yes, you read it right, the pair houses not one, not two, but three dynamic drivers on each side. ARTTI has featured dual 6mm PU suspension edge dynamic drivers and an 8mm composite beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver unit on each side. The drivers are arranged using advanced acoustic technology with three-way sound separation. ARTTI R1 is getting solid reviews online being appreciated for its exceptionally Rich timbre with strong bass response. You also get 6063-series premium quality aluminium alloy ear shells and a 216-core copper cable as stock. You can get the ARTTI R1 from our store for just Rs 6,499.

ARTTI R2: Sonic Excellence With Beryllium DD!!

Price: Rs 4,999.



A good single DD can provide an exceptionally solid sound experience. ARTTI has proved this with its second release, the ARTTI R2. This stunning IEM houses a 10mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver unit on each side. The pair features 3D-printed medical-grade resin material ear cavities. They are not just comfortable, but also provide a smooth and premium in-hand feel. Users worldwide have appreciated ARTTI R2 for its superb natural timbre, rich vocals, and smooth, relaxing overall sound. Looking for something silky smooth and rich? ARTTI R2 is going to be a great choice!!

ARTTI T10: Solid Bass, Great Technicalities, Planar Magic!!

Price: Rs 6,999.


ARTTI – T10 14.2mm Planar Driver IEM

The third launch from ARTTI is a beautifully crafted planar magnetic driver IEM, meet the ARTTI T10. Despite its small and compact form factor, ARTTI has managed to feature a 14.2mm large-sized planar magnetic driver on the T10. With its carefully adjusted acoustic dampening system, the pair promises great sound performance with excellent technicalities, great details, and a quick and strong bass response. ARTTI T10 is as magical as it can get for planar magnetic driver IEMs. The T10 comes with a high-purity silver-plated OFC cable. ARTTI has crafted the shells using 6063-series high-quality aluminium alloy material face covers. Enjoy a lively and immersive sound with the ARTTI T10.

Final Words:-

Many of our buyers have constantly asked us for the ARTTI IEMs. The wait for audiophiles in India is finally over, we have the shipment incoming in just a few days and you can buy your favourite ARTTI IEMs right here in India from Concept Kart. We will provide you with full brand warranty on the units. Stay tuned for more interesting launches in the near future.