Softears Twilight,Studio4 and Tempest Cable Now Available in India

Softears Twilight,Studio4 and Tempest Cable Now Available in India

In the international audiophile community, Softears has a great reputation as a leading brand of premium-quality in-ear monitors. Softears focuses on delivering a high-fidelity sound output with a series of well-done products. Recently, we received many queries from audiophiles in India asking us whether we will bring Softears products or not. Today, we are excited to announce that we have Softears products on our website now with Studio4 and Twilight, two of the most famous models available to purchase directly. For other products as well like the RSV, RS10, Turii Ti, etc. we are taking pre-orders which you can conveniently place after discussing with our team through the Chat Window on our website. Don’t worry the pricing would be attractive and mouth-watering. Let’s get to know more about the Softears Studio4 and Softears Twilight that are ready to dispatch with us.

Softears Studio4: Reference-Grade Multi-BA IEMs

The Studio4 is Softears’s studio-grade IEM with a reference-like sound tuning. The pair houses four Balanced Armature drivers on each side arranged together in a three-way frequency crossover. Softears has tuned the Studio4 to be as flat as possible, promising a studio-like reference sound output suitable for monitoring. It reproduces every minute detail in your music with great precision and accuracy. It has a natural, inoffensive sound which is well-extended at both ends of the frequency response range.

Softears - Studio 4 IEM

As for design, Softears has crafted the Studio4 in a simple and minimalistic design. The shells are 3D printed with full precision and boast a lightweight design for a comfortable wearing experience. The shells are ergonomically carved covering the ear canal perfectly and providing passive isolation from the surrounding noises. They are made up of high-quality medical-grade resin material.

Softears Studio4 is an ideal choice for studio monitors, stage monitors, and professional artists who want a true-to-life sound listening experience. The pair has been tuned to align with the requirements of people who prefer a smooth and inoffensive sound with great accuracy and a natural tone. Softears Studio4 is available with us priced at Rs 35,999, you can check out more details on our website.

Softears Twilight: Magic of Single Dynamic Driver

Twilight has been generating waves of positive feedback all around the globe. This little wonder packs a 10mm DLC dome dynamic driver unit enclosed in a smart design with a unique twisted shape. The shell material is aviation-grade aluminium alloy material, yes a completely metallic shell and that too in a twisted shape. With its large-diameter DLC dome structure, FreeEdge PU Suspension, and DAIKOKU high-tension voice coil, the Softears Twilight promises a rich and lively sound signature. It has a magical sound which is worth experiencing!!

Softears has crafted the ear shells of Twilight with a 5-axis CNC machining process. They have a smooth matte black finish and the twisted shape is exciting to look and feel. Twilight is full of excitement with its rich sound output. The 10mm Dynamic Driver produces a true high-fidelity sound which is crisp and accurate. Softears Twilight gets a recommendation from many famous reviewers worldwide, so when are you getting yours?? We have the Softears Twilight priced at Rs 72,990!!

Softears – Twilight IEM

Softears Tempest:-

Planning to treat your IEMs with an upgrade cable? We have brought you the Softears Tempest, an amazing quality 8-strand upgrade cable designed especially for IEMs. The cable is crafted using 6N high-purity copper+Copper silver-plated+Copper alloy wire cores. The copper used here for the Tempest is 99.9999% pure ensuring you a fantastic sonic performance. Softears has designed the cable with a total of 448 cores and has a Litz Coaxial braided structure design. It also has medical-grade PVC outer insulation and a metallic Y-splitter and chin slider as well.

Softears Tempest cable has a 4.4mm balanced termination plug and offers easy adaption with different IEMs with its 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. For enthusiasts looking to purchase an upgrade cable for their IEMs, the Softears Temptest is a great choice. It is available for purchase with us priced at Rs 15,990!!

SOFTEARS - Tempest Upgrade Cable

Final Words:-

As much as the community, we are also super happy to launch the Softears products here in India. Both the Studio4 and the Twilight are widely-regarded IEMs that are loved by their users worldwide. You can now get both of them available right here in India without any customs or tax worries and with a full warranty as well. For other products in Softears Lineup, we can offer you attractive deals, kindly contact our team through our website.