Top Five USB DAC/AMPs Under Rs 5000 Available In India

Top Five USB DAC/AMP-7

2021, The year where 3.5mm headphone jack is a rare sight on smartphones. It’s the year of dongle madness, it's the time to explore our options with portable USB Type-C, Lightning DAC/amps where we not only get a 3.5mm headphone jack but also high-quality audio decoding and powerful amplification to driver our earphones better. Now we have made up our mind, we are all ready to grab a new Portable DAC/AMP, and now we face the biggest challenge, which one to buy, which is the bests for our price and listening preference?

Top Five USB DAC/AMP-1

Don’t worry, we at Concept Kart are always ready to help you out. We are bringing you a list of the top five USB Type-C, Lightning DAC/amps under the 5000 INR price segment that you can choose from. We have personally tested and can assure you are gonna love these. So, let’s begin!!

Top Five Type-C USB DAC/AMP’s under 5000INR(In Random Order):-


Price(in INR)

Tempotec Sonata HD 2


Tempotec Sonata HD Pro


Conexant (CX-Pro) CX31993


CS Pro CS43131 DAC Dongle




We will start with the most affordable one from the list we mentioned above, the Conexant CX-Pro CX31993

Conexant CX-Pro CX31993 :-

Are you strict on a budget but wanna explore the high-resolution music realm? Well, the Conexant CX-Pro might be the perfect choice for you. No, don’t think only high-priced products are good, this little beast comes at just Rs 1,399 and delivers what a regular smartphone simply can’t. It features a Conexant CX31993 DAC chip that decodes PCM files up to 32/384kHz with ultimate clarity. Compared to your regular smartphone 3.5mm jack(like I have on my Redmi Note 10 Pro), the CX-Pro not just amplifies the output signal but also provides better dynamics. The bass-response comes fuller with deep hitting sub-bass, vocals get refined, and the treble section maintains good clarity with wide extensions. This is among the must have’s as per us!!!

Top Five USB DAC/AMP-2

Technical Specifications:-

  1. CX31993 DAC chip.
  2. PCM 32-Bit/384kHz.
  3. DSD128 decoding.
  4. Length: 13cm.
  5. Fixed Type-C cable.
  6. Output Thrust: 65mW.
  7. SNR: >128dB.
  8. Dynamic Range: >120dB.
  9. THD+N: 95dB.
  10. THD+N: 0.0003%.

What’s included in the package:-

  1. USB Type-C DAC/AMP.
  2. USB-A adapter.

Price: 1,399.

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Conexant CS Pro CS43131:-

One of the top performers in the Portable USB DAC/AMPs is the CS Pro. At the core, it benefits from a high-performance CS43131 DAC chip that provides you with high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signal decodings. It supports 32/384kHz PCM as well as native DSD256 decoding connected to your smartphone. It also has an led light that glows in different colors as per the active file bitrate. In terms of sound comparison with the stock 3.5mm smartphone output, the CS-Pro has a cleaner background with more output thrust to power your high-demanding earphones. With the CS-Pro we get a natural sound tonality with a smooth & detailed presentation. If you are looking to buy USB DAC/AMP for iOS devices, the Conexant CS Pro is also available with a lightning cable.

Top Five USB DAC/AMP-3

Technical Specifications:-

  1. CS43131 DAC chip.
  2. Output level: 2Vrms.
  3. Output Thrust: 160mW.
  4. THD+N: <0.00028%.
  5. SNR: 127dB.
  6. Frequency range: 5Hz-40kHz.
  7. Noise floor: <0.9uV.
  8. 32-Bit/384kHz PCM.
  9. Native DSD256.
  10. Detachable Cable.

What’s included in the package:-

  1. CS Pro USB DAC/AMP.
  2. Type-C to Type-C cable.
  3. USB-A adapter.

Price: 3,499.

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Tempotec Sonata HD 2:-

Tempotec Sonata series is among the top favorites for Portable USB DAC/AMPs by many audio lovers around the globe. Don’t worry we have brought you the entire range from them to your doorstep here in India. Sonata HD II is the latest iteration that features an ES9270 high-performance audio decoding chip. Need high-res audio signal decoding? No issues, the Sonata HD II supports 32bit/384kHz PCM and DSD128(DOP). It has a non-detachable Type-C connector cable that is made of a 4-core 6N single crystal copper cable.

In terms of sound performance, the midrange, the rich vocals, and the powerful sub-bass with the Sonata HD II are unmatchable for this price point. Not to mention, the soundstage also takes a boost with the Sonata HD II. It has powerful output thrust to power high power requiring earphones too. Also, with the Sonata HD II your earphones with in-line microphones will serve you for calling too.

Top Five USB DAC/AMP-4

Technical Specifications:-

  1. ES9270 DAC chip.
  2. Output Thrust: 70mW.
  3. 32-Bit/384kHz PCM.
  4. DSD128(DOP).
  5. Output level: 2Vrms @ 600Ω.

What’s included in the package:-

  1. Sonata HD II USB DAC/AMP.
  2. Hi-res audio sticker.
  3. USB-A adapter.

Price: 2,999.

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Tempotec Sonata HD Pro:-

The Pro, flagship-level USB DAC/AMP from Tempotec is also here with us. It offers a supreme build with hardware volume keys that allows us for adjusting the volume on the go. Sonata HD Pro adopts a CS43131 premium DAC chip that provides high-quality audio signal decoding with support for 32bit/384kHz PCM as well as DSD256 natively. It brings amazing clarity to our music connected with our regular smartphones. In short, it converts our regular smartphone into a high-resolution audio player with a powerful output.

In terms of sound performance, the Sonata HD Pro has a neutral presentation with no particular emphasis on any section of the frequency range. The lower end shows good punch, midrange produces some amazing vocals and acoustic instruments, and the treble section shows good extension, drastic improvement over the stock sound from a smartphone with improved dynamics and clarity.

Please note about Sonata HD Pro, The USB DAC/AMP is available in two different variants, one only for Android and Windows devices, and the other for iOS and other devices. Android one won’t work with iOS devices as only the iOS variant is equipped with an MFi certified chip. iOS one will work with Android devices with an appropriate connector cable.

Top Five USB DAC/AMP-5

Technical Specifications:-

  1. CS43131 DAC chip.
  2. 32-Bit/384kHz PCM.
  3. Native DSD256.
  4. SNR: 128dB.
  5. Output Thrust: 60mW.
  6. Detachable Micro-USB connector cable.

What’s included in the package:-

  1. Tempotec Sonata HD Pro USB DAC/AMP.
  2. Micro-USB to Type-C connector cable.(iOS version will have Lightning cable)
  3. USB-A Adapter.

Price: 3,999.

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JM10 is among those few portable Type-C DAC/AMPs under the 5000INR price segment that adopts a premium CS43131 DAC Chip. It is one of the best sounding too with a magical mid-range presentation and powerful output thrust. With the JM10 in the chain, minute details in our music are reproduced beautifully. It has an immersive presentation with forwarded mid-range where vocals and other details pop out beautifully on a dark noise-free background. Literally turned our Note 10 Pro into a portable hi-res player.

JM10 is also the one with superb build quality, it has a full metallic frame with a rich matte black finish and a small LED indicator on the top. It takes a detachable USB Type-C connector cable for easy connectivity with smartphones and PC/Laptop.

Top Five USB DAC/AMP-6

Technical Specifications:-

  1. CS43131 DAC chip.
  2. PCM 32bit/384kHz.
  3. Native DSD256.
  4. Output level: 1VRMs(32Ω)/2Vrms(300Ω).
  5. Impedance support: 16Ω-600Ω(Dynamic self-gain adjustment).
  6. THD+N: <0.0006%(-102dB).
  7. Frequency range: 20Hz-50kHz.
  8. SNR: >120dB.
  9. DNR: >120dB.
  10. Crosstalk: -91dB.

What’s included in the package:-

  2. User guide.
  3. Warranty card.
  4. USB Type-C connector cable.(iOS version will come with Lightning cable).

Price: 3,199.

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Well, that’s about it, that’s the list of the top five Portable USB DAC/AMP’s under Rs 5,000 available right here in India with us at Concept Kart. These include the well-reputed Tempotec Sonata series of HiFi USB DAC/AMPs, the underrated Conexant CS Pro, and the elegant JCALLY JM10. Most of these are even under Rs 4000 only, offering you supreme high-resolution experience at an even lower price point. Feel free to check out our website for more Tech and Audio related products. We assure you best customer service experience. Shipping on the same day if ordered before 2:00 PM.