Top 5 Apple iPad Keyboard Cases Available In India

Apple iPad Keyboard Case

Apple leads the portable tablet industry with its classic range of extraordinary iPads designed with the latest hardware and features. Similar to iPhones, the iPads are delicate and need proper case and covers for complete protection from accidental fall damages. It’s 2021, now we have got high-quality cases with embedded keyboards that can be used with iPads via Bluetooth connection. We at Concept Kart try to keep our products catalog up to date with all the latest products in the market. We have a wide collection of high-quality cases and covers designed specifically for Apple iPads available for you right here in India. Our collection of Apple iPad keyboard cases covers different size iPad models including iPad 6th/7th/8th/9th Gen, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and more. We have keyboard cases for the latest Apple iPad 9th gen 2021, iPad Pro 5th gen 2021 models too. The latest iPad mini 2021 cases will be joining our arsenal soon too. But what are the top-selling, best-quality cases and covers with embedded keyboards for Apple iPad available in India?? Concept Kart is bringing you a list of the top five iPad Keyboard cases that are always in the top-selling position with us. You can easily choose between them based on your budget and use case scenarios. Before we being, check out our entire collection of Keyboard cases here.

Doqo F11/F129:-

Starting with the best keyboard covers for Apple iPads, the Doqo F11, and F129. The F11 is for 10.9” and 11” models while the F129 is for 13” iPad models. It has a robust build quality with a floating cantilever design and 360° rotation. It can be adjusted in multiple angles. Your iPad will magnetically connect with this iPad magic keyboard case. It supports the latest Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity for Bluetooth connection with the Keyboard. The Doqo F11/F129P not only have a beautiful Scissor key keyboard but also has a multi-touch touchpad with multi-gesture support. Truly a remarkable keyboard cover with top-notch quality for your Apple iPad.


Compatible iPad models:-


iPad Air 10.9”(4th Gen), iPad Pro 11”(1st Gen and above).


iPad Pro 12.9” 2018 3rd Gen and above.

Price: Rs 11,999.

Purchase the F11 here and F129P from here.

Concept Kart P11 Pro/P129 Pro:-

P11 Pro/P129 Pro a high-quality protective cover for Apple iPad with an embedded keyboard and touchpad. As their name suggests, P11 Pro is for 11” iPad models while the P129 Pro is for 12.9” iPad models. They have a smooth, and elegant fabric coating on the exterior of the case. The case has a floating cantilever design so that the users can adjust the angle for the perfect view. The embedded keyboard here has scissor keys for responsive typing and 3-level backlit brightness. It also has an in-built trackpad with multi-touch support. The build quality, material, and keyboard in P11 Pro/P129 Pro are excellent offering the user great value for their money.

P129 Pro

Compatible iPad models:-

P11 Pro:-

iPad Air 10.9”(4th Gen), iPad Pro 11”(1st Gen and above).

P129 Pro:-

Apple iPad Pro 12.9” model(2018 and above).

Price: Rs 8,999.

Purchase here.

Concept Kart T207d:-

Who says all Apple accessories are costly?? You can get an amazing keyboard cover for your 10.9” Apple iPad models for just Rs 3,499, look at the Concept Kart T207d. It is fully compatible with multiple Apple iPad models(10.9” screen size) and features a high-quality embedded keyboard suitable for typing your blogs or posts on the go. The keyboard here has a bright seven-color backlit design. Yes, you can choose between seven different color options for the backlight of your keyboard. And not only this, but the T207d keyboard also has an included touchpad with multi-touch support. The case provides full-body protection from falls or accidental damages. It also has storage space for Apple Pencil.


Compatible iPad models:-

Apple iPad Air 10.9”(4th Gen and above). iPad Pro 11”(1st gen and above).

Price: Rs 3,499.

Purchase here.

XY109t Keyboard Case For Apple iPad(10.9”):-

Another brilliant keyboard case for your Apple iPad 10.9” model that provides you with complete protection, a high-quality keyboard, and a multi-touch touchpad, all at an attractive price point, the XY109t. This all-in-one SnapFit case(that protects our beloved iPad) is detachable. One can simply detach the tab section and use it separately when you don’t have any use for the included keyboard and touchpad. This keyboard has a 7-color backlight design for easier writing in dark/night. XY109t offers superb protection from fall and accidental damage to your iPad, with a bunch of extra features including a Backlit keyboard, multi-touch touchpad, protective slot for Apple Pencil, all these at a very attractive price of just Rs 3,199.


Compatible iPad models:-

iPad Air 10.9”(4th gen and above), iPad Pro 11”(1st Gen and above).

Price: Rs 3,199.

Purchase here.

YM11T Keyboard Case:-

Concept Kart YM11t, This high-quality Apple iPad smart keyboard case is specifically designed for 11” iPad models that include iPad Air 4th Gen and above, iPad Pro 11”, iPad 10.9”. It protects your iPad from fall and accidental damage with its high-quality robust exterior. The embedded keyboard has 7-color backlit design with a multi-touch touchpad. YM11T case snaps magnetically to the keyboard, it offers multiple stand angles allowing the user t adjust the viewing angle as per their preference. Simply connect the keyboard via Bluetooth connectivity and be ready to write your blogs anytime anywhere.


Compatible iPad models:-

Apple iPad Air 4th gen and above. Apple iPad Pro 11” 1st Gen and above.

Price: Rs 2,499.

Purchase here.

These are the top five best quality keyboard protective cases designed specifically to use with Apple iPad models. These all are available with us right here in India, you don’t have to worry anything about import customs or any other taxes. We have listed an entire collection of keyboard cases for iPad that you can check out here. We have protective covers for different iPad models available in India even the latest 2021 models are here too. iPad Mini protective cases are also in transit and will be listed soon on our store online. The prices mentioned here are inclusive of all taxes and shipping to you. If you order with us before 2 PM, we will make sure your shipment gets dispatched the same day.