Top IEMs Around 10-12K INR

Top IEMs Around 10-12K INR

Earlier used by musicians and stage performers only, In-Ear Monitors, also known as IEMs are now widely used by audio enthusiasts and casual listeners as well. As much as the user base for this category has increased, we have seen the industry become extremely competitive. We have been launching products back-to-back from famous names in the industry, including LETSHUOER, KZ, Tangzu, etc. When you search the market for your next pair, you get overwhelmed with countless offerings available at almost all different price brackets. To ease your confusion in finalizing a purchase, we have previously shared a blog where we have named some of the best IEMs under the budget category of 2500 INR. Today, we are raising the bar, we are going to step up from the previous blog and with this guide, we are sharing our top picks that are available for you under a budget of 10 to 12 thousand INR. So why waste any more time, let’s begin with our today’s blog.

KZ PR1:Rs 6,490

The Goodness of Planar Driver!!

Sound Signature: Smooth V-Shaped sound profile.

Kz PR1

PR1 marks the entry of KZ in the Planar Wars that are going around with all new releases. Planar Drivers which were previously available in full-sized headphones have now become available easily at IEMs. And they sound superb with excellent speed and lovely sound delivery. The KZ PR1 houses their in-house developed 13.2mm dual-cavity planar magnetic driver unit. The pair delivers outstanding clarity with a hard-hitting bass response. It’s one of the most versatile IEMs under the 10000 INR mark. Not to mention the solid build with electroplated face covers and metallic ear shells that add a premium touch to the experience with the pair. Simply one of our favourites on this list!!

IKKO Opal OH2: Rs 6,999

Compact, Simple, Elegant!!

Sound Signature: Warm, Smooth, Laid-Back.


If you are looking for something that fits nicely and has a smooth, laid-back sound good for hours and hours of pure listening pleasure, IKKO OPAL OH2 might hit the sweet spot in your expectations. This beautifully crafted pair has got a compact build, the earpieces sit firmly into your ears. Talking about its sound, it has a buttery smooth sound with a hint of boost in the lower end that gives the output a touch of warmth. The vocals sound exceptional, they are clear, crisp, and have a lush tone to them. Overall, a pair we can enjoy for hours without feeling any kind of tiredness or fatigue.

7Hz x Crinacle Salnotes Dioko: Rs 9,690

Unique looking Planar IEM!!

Sound Signature: Clear, Detailed Sound!!

7Hz x Crinacle Salnotes Dioko

7Hz joined hands with Crinacle in tuning this beautifully crafted pair of planar driver in-ear monitors. The 7Hz x Crinacle Dioko packs a clear sound with lovely midrange responses, a punchy lower end, and a detailed treble region. It has a hint of brightness to its treble which is nicely balanced by the punch and warmth of the lower end. Midrange has got clear vocals and crisp definitions for instruments. All-in-all, a great sounding pair with lovely clarity throughout a wide frequency band. The pair has a little unique shape to its shells.

Final Audio A3000: Rs 9,999

Comfy Single DD IEM!!

Sound Signature: Warm and Smooth Sound.

Final Audio A3000

Final Audio A3000 is a Japanese IEM with a single dynamic driver configuration. The pair houses a 6mm micro dynamic driver unit that produces a crisp sound with a warmish tone. A3000 has a lovely tone for vocals delivering a pleasant listening experience for the listeners. Final Audio has crafted the pair with custom-like ear shells that sit firmly into the ears. The comfort level and isolation level of these beautiful IEMs are exceptionally good. It’s one of those pairs that you can just put into your ears and forget about. 

Tin HiFi P1 Max: Rs 12,990

Planar Smoothness!!

Sound Signature: Balanced Sound with a hint of Warmth in the Lower end.

Tin HiFi P1 Max

Tin HiFi needs no introduction as the brand has been active in the budget segment with award-winning products under its name. Recently, Tin HiFi upgraded its “P” series of planar driver IEMs with the all-new Tin HiFi P1 Max. The P1 Max houses a large 14.2mm planar magnetic driver unit that produces an impactful sound. The pair actually has a warm, smooth sound profile with an immersive 3D soundstage. The depth of the stage is really good for this price bracket, delivering a sound that envelopes the listener. It’s an ideal pair for different genres of music producing lovely clarity for vocals and instruments and delivering a powerful bass response. P1 Max is one of the few Planar IEMs that can be driven easily off most sources.

LETSHUOER S12 Pro: Rs 12,990

Our Most Favourite IEM of this list!!

Sound Signature: Balanced V-shaped sound.


The LETSHUOER S12 Pro has one of the best sound delivery in this price bracket. It hits even above its price and can be compared to IEMs that are priced higher than itself. LETSHUOER S12 Pro houses a 14.8mm large dynamic driver unit. It produces exceptional clarity throughout the frequency band, in our opinion, this might be the most detailed and most refined sound at this price range. LETSHUOER S12 Pro checks all the boxes for an ideal IEM, whether it be a comfortable fit, it is punchy bass, it is clear vocals, or it is well-defined instruments, The S12 Pro hits the perfect spot with all these features. It even comes with a high-quality modular cable where the termination plug can be replaced as and whenever required. Simply our favourite IEM of this lot and a blind recommendation from our side for enthusiasts looking for pure high-fidelity sound!!


Final Words:-

This completes our list of our top-favourite IEMs with around 10 to 12 thousand INR value. This price bracket has some tough competition be assured these are the absolute best you can acquire. We have tried to cover all the different signatures with this blog so that it covers every kind of listener. For any further questions and queries, you can contact with us through the chat window on our website.