KZ, the most famous brand for low-priced earphones in 128 countries all over the world.


KZ stands for Knowledge Zenith and it was founded in 2008 by  Keith Yue (a former Audio-Technica engineer) and Zen Li (a Western-trained classical musician). KZ also stands for the founders' initials The brand, KZ which operates under the GBSYZE.. was founded in 2008 and hence been made a gifted/legacy brand by Chi-Fi standards.

KZ started in 2010 with “Taobao”, which means an online mall in the People 's Republic of China. They found Number of audiophile’s love the IEM earphone and started improving themselves day by day and launched many earphones. Till 2012 they were just selling earphones and getting love from millions of enthusiasts. In just 2 years, They ruled all over the online market.


In 2013, KZ officially started promoting their brand and Received compliments from countless music lovers. They focused on improving their product with simplicity and they succeeded in it.


In 2015, KZ started selling on TMALL, TAOBAO, JD.COM, ALIBABA, Aliexpress, Amazon, eBay, and other platforms. A customer can reach KZ very easily at a low cost.


In 2016, KZ got their Star product of the year, which is KZ ZST. They have sold 10000 units within 15 days.


In 2017 & 2018 KZ have improved the IEM, Now they are using multiple drives in their IEM and created their own independent research and development team.


In 2019, KZ entered in TWS, such as KZ T1 and KZ E10


Year by Year KZ faced difficulties and solved them. They manufacture Earphone, TWS, headphone, Bluetooth module /Adapter, and lots of upgrade cables.