Muse HiFi M4: Elevate Your Audio Experience with the Latest Bluetooth USB DAC/AMP Innovation

Muse HiFi M4: Elevate Your Audio Experience with the Latest Bluetooth USB DAC/AMP Innovation

Muse HiFi M4: Unleashing High-Resolution Audio Excellence with Bluetooth Connectivity

For the lovers of Bluetooth Portable USB DAC/AMPs, Muse HiFi has brought us the all-new Muse HiFi M4. In recent times, Muse HiFi has garnered a lot of praise and respect mainly for its exclusive range of products. This mainly includes USB DAC/AMPs including famous models such as the M1, M3 II, etc. The latest M4 marks the new generation of products by bringing us the goodness of high-resolution wireless Bluetooth connectivity and complete wired operation as well. We are delighted to announce that we are bringing the Muse HiFi M4 for you guys. You can pre-order yours with us today for just Rs 11,990. The shipments will begin in 2 to 4 weeks. Books yours today and get it first in India only via Concept Kart!! Let’s know more about the Muse HiFi M4.


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Proper Wireless Implementation:-

With the help of Qualcomm’s latest QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset, the Muse HiFi M4 supports the latest Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity. It has high-resolution wireless transmission support featuring LDAC, AptX HD, AptX Adaptive, AptX LL, SBC, and AAC codecs. The QCC5125 is a well-regarded and efficient Bluetooth processor chipset that is known to provide exceptional wireless connectivity with a stable connection, low lag, and low signal breakage issues. Muse HiFi M4 promises enhanced wireless connectivity suitable for Music, Movies, and Games.



Premium Audio Setup With 32-bit Sabre DAC Chip:-

At the very core, we have the ES9038Q2M DAC chipset from ESS Sabre Technologies. The ES9038Q2M is a widely appreciated DAC chip that provides high-res PCM and DSD audio signal decoding and delivers quality performance with High SNR and low THD+N performance. It supports 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals in USB DAC mode.

Three Headphone Outputs With High-Power Amplification Setup:-

Muse HiFi M4 incorporates three headphone output ports, the device has 3.5mm single-ended, and 2.5mm+4.4mm balanced output ports. The device has a dedicated amp section for high-power audio signal amplification. It has an output power rating of 320mW per channel from the balanced ports. Muse Hifi M4 has two level gain adjustments allowing the users to easily pair the DAC with sensitive as well as high-power requiring IEMs and headphones.

SSC Smart Intelligent Switching:-

The Muse HiFi M4 has a special technology called SSC Intelligent Switching. This tech takes care of how signals move inside the device. For example, it makes sure signals go smoothly from Bluetooth to the DAC to the amp and then to the output. It also handles power for different parts of the device. Thanks to this smart switching tech, the Muse HiFi M4 gives you better performance, whether you're using it wirelessly with Bluetooth or with a wired USB connection with your smartphone or any other device.

Built-in Digital Filters To Play Around:-

The Muse HiFi M4 has seven digital audio filters that let you customize the sound. These filters include options like Fast Roll-Off Linear Phase, Slow Roll-Off Linear Phase, Fast Roll-Off Minimum Phase, and more. Each filter has its own reverb and tone settings, so you can experiment to find the sound you like best. To switch between filters, just hold down the main button on the device until the LED starts blinking. The number of blinks shows which filter is active.

Dual Independent USB Ports:-

Muse HiFI M4 has dual USB Type-C ports, one independent port for charging and one for data. This allows for easy charging even when using the M4 as a USB DAC. The DAC features automatic USB DAC mode, simply connect it to a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and it automatically can be used as a USB DAC. In USB Mode, the M4 utilises 80% of its own battery power to ensure stable and clean performance.

Up to 8 Hours Battery Life:-

Muse HiFi has equipped the M4 with a high-capacity 1100mAh battery. It provides the device with an amazing battery life of up to 8 hours. Users can enjoy hours of usage without worrying about the battery running out anytime soon.

Exquisite Build Quality:-

Muse HiFI M4 showcases the excellent craftsmanship of the brand. It is crafted with brilliance featuring a metallic frame and transparent front panel. The audio motherboard is completely visible with different chips visible from the front. On the sides, we have physical volume and media playback control keys.

If you are in the market for a high-quality portable Bluetooth USB DAC/AMP, the Muse HiFi M4 is a great device equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Bluetooth chipset, ESS Sabre high-performance 32-Bit DAC, high-power amplification setup, and three headphone ports. The Muse HiFi M4 is handy for everyday carry and serves its purpose with great sonic performance. Order yours with us today for just Rs 11,990, and indulge yourself in the goodness of high-resolution music!!