KZ PR3: Third-Generation Planar Magnetic Driver IEM Now Available on Pre-Order

KZ PR3: Third-Generation Planar Magnetic Driver IEM Now Available on Pre-Order

KZ PR series of Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs need no introduction. With many successful products including the KZ PR1, PR1 Pro, and the PR2, the series is back again with the all-new KZ PR3. The third generation of KZ’s Planar Magnetic Driver-based IEMs brings a 13.2mm newly-developed planar driver unit with a Nano-level Silver-Plated Membrane and a 7+& Symmetrically designed high-power magnetic circuit. It has been designed to instantly elevate the level of output quality and deliver a true high-resolution audio listening experience for its listeners. KZ PR3 is currently available with us on Pre-order priced at just Rs 4,899. There are no hidden charges or any hidden custom duty tax, simply order and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Book yours with us here, Shipments will begin shortly.


New-Generation Planar Magnetic Driver Unit:-

KZ PR3 houses a revolutionary new 13.2mm planar magnetic driver unit. The driver unit has been engineered with precise accuracy to deliver a robust sound performance with ultra-low distortion and outstanding clarity. With the help of specialized technology, the pair achieves enhanced accuracy ensuring an impressive sound delivery throughout a wide frequency band. Explore your favourite music in a new level of awesomeness with the KZ PR3!!

Nano-Level Silver-Plated Ultra-Thin Diaphragm:-

The 13.2mm Planar Magnetic Driver unit here adopts a specially developed nano-level silver-plated ultra-thin diaphragm coil. The diaphragm has an ultra-thin design, when paired with the strong magnetic flux, the diaphragm provides swift movement resulting in a clean, crisp, precise sound with ultra-low distortion performance.

Experience The Magic Of Planar Magnetic Driver Unit:-

Planar Magnetic drivers are usually preferred for their Fast, Lively sound reproduction. KZ PR3 takes you on a ride of exceptional sonic experience. It delivers ultimate level resolution presenting even the minutest of the details with full authority. The bass response is fast and responsive, a sound which you shouldn’t miss awaits you with the KZ PR3.

Exquisite Metallic Face Covers:-

KZ has designed the PR3 showcasing outstanding craftsmanship with precisely crafted aluminum alloy face covers and lightweight Resin material housings. The shape of the shell has been carefully adjusted ergonomic ear shells promising a comfortable wearing experience. The face covers have a unique mirror-like finish adding more to its rich and premium finish.

High-Purity Stock Cable:-

KZ bundles the PR3 with a high-purity Silver-Plated Cable that provides enhanced sound performance with improved signal conductivity and endurance. It provides smooth signal transmission with low external interference issues. The cable has 0.75mm 2-pin QDC type connectors and a 3.5mm universal termination plug. There’s also a variant with an in-line microphone, you can get that one as well in case you use your IEM for calling as well.

KZ PR3 marks the new generation of Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs by KZ. Based on the success of the previously launched models, we are personally super excited to experience what the new KZ PR3 brings to the table. Get the KZ PR3, and book yours with us for just Rs 4,899.