LETSHUOER S15: Pre-Order The Latest Generation Planar Magnetic IEMs With Us!!

LETSHUOER S15: Pre-Order The Latest Generation Planar Magnetic IEMs With Us!!

LETSHUOER entered into the Planar Magnetic Realm with the launch of S12 and S12 Pro last year. With a large-sized planar magnetic driver unit and exclusive metallic shells, the pair got rave reviews from audiophiles worldwide. Even in India, the Letshouer S12 was in huge demand with the stocks depleting as soon as they landed. We are super delighted to launch the latest iteration from Letshuoer, the upgrade to the award-winning S12 is finally revealed, meet the all-new LETSHUOER S15. LETSHUOER has joined hands with HeyGears in developing high-precision 3D-printed ear shells for the S15. Their research team has developed a new hybrid configuration for the S15. Alongside a 3rd generation 14.8mm Planar Driver, we have a 6mm R-Sonic Passive Filtering module for a natural and comfortable output. LETSHUOER S15 marks the new generation of Planar driver IEMs from the brand that brought us the revolutionary S12 series, we are super excited for this one!! LETSHUOER S15 is currently available on pre-order with us priced at Rs 26,990. You can pre-order yours with us today and it will be available for delivery in 2-4 weeks.



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Broaden Up Your Senses With New Technology:-

LETSHUOER has a dedicated R&D team that has combined the capabilities of a 14.8mm third-generation dual-chamber planar magnetic driver with their self-developed R-Sonic Passive Filtering Module. Experience a natural tone, clear bass, exquisite details, and excellent clarity throughout a wide frequency band only on the LETSHUOER S15!!

Perfect Separation With Independent Acoustic Tubes:-

With advanced craftsmanship, LETSHUOER has featured dual independent acoustic tubes with filter crossover on the S15. The dual acoustic tubes filter the sound on different frequency segments and produce a clean and consistent response across the frequency band. Every minute detail is carefully reproduced and an excellent balance of sound is delivered for the listeners.

Exclusive New Design With HeyGears Ear Shells:-

LETSHUOER has worked on the shell design for the S15 in collaboration with HeyGears. HeyGears is a reputed brand that offers 3D-printed solutions for personal and professional use. They offer industry-leading technology in terms of 3D printing capabilities. LETSHUOER has optimized the chamber structure and designed a 3D-printed matte-finish ear shell design for the S15. The pair offers an exquisite luxurious finish with excellent CNC machined aluminum-magnesium alloy face panels. LETSHUOER S15 strikes the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

An Exclusive Range of Accessories:-

Right from an exquisite cable to rich eartips and an excellent carry case, the S15 comes with everything included. LETSHUOER includes a high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with interchangeable termination plugs. We get 2.5mm+3.5mm+4.4mm plugs in the package. The package also has six pairs of high-quality silicone eartips and a well-constructed colour-matching screw-on storage case.

Experience the Rich and Dynamic Sound of LETSHUOER, Book Yours Today:-

LETSHUOER S15 is an extraordinary set of in-ear monitors that offer a rich and lively sound. You get a smooth, comfortable listening experience, the details are well-presented, the vocals are rich and have a natural timbre, and the overall construction of the shells is simply spectacular. An amazing experience awaits you with the LETSHUOER S15, book yours with us today!!