Best IEM's Under Rs. 2500/-

Best IEM's Under Rs. 2500/-

Posted by Gagan Jajoria

In-Ear Monitors, commonly known as IEMs have slowly become the main medium of music enjoyment for most audiophiles. This is because of their easy driveability, compact designs, and solid isolation. When we search the market for our next pair of in-ear monitors, especially at a budget price point, we get hundreds of options which usually make it difficult to decide on our next purchase. But what can make it easier, would be a guide where we will discuss different features of top-performing IEMs in the market. With this guide today, we will share our list of top-ten IEMs that you can get today under a budget price point of Rs 2500!!

Do note that the products in this list are not in any particular order. These are our top picks under the given price point. Let’s begin.

7Hz Salnotes Zero:-

Price: Rs 1,690.

Sound Signature: Warm & Balanced sound tuning.

If you want something that has a balanced tuning with a hint of bass boost, the 7Hz Salnotes Zero is a great pair for just under Rs 2,000. 7hz has featured a 10mm dynamic driver on the Zero that produces a powerful bass response. We are pretty sure that you are gonna love the deep sub-bass rumble with the Salnotes Zero. Not to mention the clarity of vocals and instruments that just complements your music well. Salnotes Zero can be driven safely off a smartphone only. You don’t need special gear or gadgets to enjoy your music with Zero.

7Hz Salnotes Zero, for a smooth, warm, balanced sound signature with a detachable cable.

7Hz Salnotes Zero

Moondrop Chu:-

Price: Rs 1,539.

Sound Signature: Neutral Profile with a hint of sub-bass boost.

Moondrop Chu is one of the few budget IEMs that deliver a crisp neutral sound with a hint of sub-bass boost. Moondrop has tuned it following their famous VDSF target response curve that provides it with a good tonal balance and a wider sound field. You are treated with amazing clear vocals with smooth and detailed instruments. Moondrop has featured, high-quality metallic ear cavities on the Chu. The pair includes their famous Spring Tips as stock!!

Moondrop Chu, a great-sounding in-ear monitor that's easy on the pocket!!

Moondrop Chu

BLON BL-03:-

Price: Rs 1,990.

Sound Signature: V-shaped with good clarity.

How can a list of top-performing IEMs at a budget ever be complete without mentioning the highly-acclaimed BLON BL-03? BL-03 has been a fan favourite for many years. This single dynamic driver IEM has gained a large number of followers for its exceptional sound quality and comfortable fit. BL-03 brings our music to life with its rich vocals and punchy bass response. BLON BL-03 can be driven straight off your smartphone so no need for fancy gears or gadgets!!

Blon Bl03 for a lively, fun sound and comfortable fit.



Price: Rs 1,399.

Sound Signature: V-Shaped with Amazing Punchy Bass.

CCA CRA is a solid performer with rock-solid bass response. The CRA packs a powerful punch in its lower end, the bass texture is truly exceptional. Even with such a powerful lower end, CCA manages to retain a clear midrange and decently detailed instruments with the CRA. CRA would be one of our top picks in this category, as it checks all the boxes for an exceptional IEM in a single package, comfortable fit, solid sound, and easy driveability!!

Enjoy good music with the CCA Cra!!


Whizzer BS1:-

Price: Rs 2,190.

Sound Signature: Natural, Warm, Spacious, V-Shaped.

Whizzer BS1 is a single-dynamic, driver-based open-back Earbud-style in-ear monitor. They are one of the only few models that can be worn in a straight cable-down manner with no issues at all. BS1 features a rich design with a large 13.6mm dynamic driver unit. It delivers a good punch at the lower end while maintaining lovely vocals and a smooth treble performance. If you are someone who loves to listen to rich vocals with a smooth tonality and presentation, the Whizzer BS1 might be the ideal choice for you!!

Whizzer BS1 for a spacious, warm, balanced sound that recreates our music with a new experience!!

Whizzer BS1


Price: Rs 2,399.

Sound Signature: V-Shaped Sound with a Wide Soundstage.

KZ leads the budget category with its exceptional range of products available in this category. ESX houses a 12mm dynamic driver unit and delivers a surround sound experience. KZ ESX packs a good punch in the lower end and delivers lovely midrange as well. Treble comes forward and showcases outstanding details in the category. The pair fits like a charm, and sounds even better with pretty good clarity throughout the frequency band!!

If you want a massive experience that’s easy on the pocket, KZ ESX is a great choice!!



Price: Rs 2,290.

Sound Signature: Lively W-Shaped Profile.

TRN TA1 is a dual-driver hybrid IEM with a custom dynamic driver and a Knowles BA driver. The pair produces amazing output with a W-shaped profile. You get a thick bass response, rich vocal clarity, and lively instruments. Vocals with the TRN TA1 are some of the best you can get on this budget. Both Male and Female vocals are presented with a clean texture and rich details. Truly an exceptional experience. On top of that, you get beautifully designed metallic ear cavities and the TA1 doesn’t require a lot of power to shine its best. It sounds pretty amazing straight out of a smartphone too!!

If you want a lively, fun sound signature where each frequency is presented in a forwarded manner, the TRN TA1 is a pretty good choice.



Price: Rs 1,549.

Sound Signature: Fun V-shaped profile with punchy bass.

QKZ has released this new dual-magnetic single dynamic driver IEM in collaboration with the HBB (Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews). HBB has adjusted the tuning profile of this pair with his expertise in High-End IEMs. In our experience, QKZ x HBB sounds phenomenal with a strong low-end performance. The pair delivers a powerful rumble in the sub-bass region with a slamming mid-bass response. QKZ x HBB sounds pretty fun and sounds nicely detailed.

Fun, Engaging, & Powerful, if you seek this kind of performance in your next pair of IEMs, the QKZ x HBB would be a great choice!!


Tin HiFi T1S:-

Price: Rs 1,890.

Sound Signature: V-Shaped with a powerful lower end.

Tin HiFi T1s has got a pretty amazing sound with a powerful lower-end performance. It packs a 10mm dynamic driver unit with a brass cavity structure. The bass response on the T1s is pretty solid, it delivers a good punch with its mid-bass while showcasing a thunderous rumble in the sub-bass region. T1s has got resin material, lightweight ear shells that provide a super comfortable fit.

T1S delivers a punchy sound with a relaxed treble response. If you want a smooth-sounding, warm, bassy IEM, the T1S is a great option!!

Tin HiFi T1S

Final Words:-

This was our list of top-performing IEMs under the budget of Rs 2,500 INR. We have tried our best to cover the entire range with beautiful performing IEMs. Most of these IEMs can be driven easily off our smartphones without the need for any special gear. So, what are you waiting for?? Ready your wallets and start shopping with us. For any questions and queries, you can contact us on our chat service available on our website.




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