Best IEM under 1000

Best Sounding IEM's around 1000rs

When we search for our next pair of in-ear monitors, budget is one of the key points that decide in our shortlisting process. IEMs usually start at an affordable price range of 500-700 rupees and they go as high as a few lacs. Everybody has a spending limit and we respect that. And for that, we have made several different blogs where we have shared some of the best-performing IEMs at different budgets. Out of all the different price brackets, the budget category is the one where we have the most confusion with a lot of competitive products. Quite recently, we shared a blog with you with our top recommendations around the budget price point of Rs 2000. Today, we’ve curated a list of handpicked in-ear monitors that are available under an even more attractive budget of under and around Rs 1000. We have featured exclusive products in this blog which are available now in 2024. Despite their attractive pricing, each one of these models sounds amazing and offers great value. Whether you are a music lover, podcast enthusiast, or someone who is looking for a simple backup pair for day-to-day casual usage, we assure you with this guide we have got you covered best IEM under 1000.  Let’s discover the range of exciting new IEM !!

Audiocular BR: Premium Balanced Sound, Suitable For Most Genres!!

Price: Rs 499.

Audiocular is a new and emerging brand in the Audiophile market. Their debutant product the Audiocular BR is getting some solid reviews online. With a 10mm dynamic driver unit, the Audiocular BR delivers impressive sound clarity for the price point. It is one of the cleanest and smoothest sounding IEMs under Rs 1,000 in the current market. The pair delivers a clean bass response, amazing vocal clarity, and well-separated instruments. Its balanced sound is suitable for different genres of music, a solid offering at a solid price point to kickstart your 2024 with amazing sound.

CCA Polaris: Amazing Technical Maestro!!

Price: Rs 1,290.

CCA - Polaris IEM

CCA Polaris with its excellent dynamic driver unit produces an amazing sound with great technical performance. It adopts a dual-magnetic dynamic driver unit which is capable of producing clear and detailed sound. Based on the Harman tuning concept, the CCA Polaris focused on clear sound reproduction. We have an amazing resolution and fantastic three-frequency band response. CCA Polaris is a great choice for people who love a clear and detailed sound presentation. It’s signature that will sit right with most genres.

KZ Castor: Harman Or Bass-Enhanced, Your Choice!!

Price: Starts at Rs 1,349.

KZ - Castor IEM

KZ Castor is a recently launched set with two differently tuned variants for purchase, the Harman tuned and the Harman tuned with enhanced bass. This gives us an option to choose the variant that is more in line with our preferences. KZ Castor has been getting some solid reviews online, for its excellent sound characteristics. Users have praised the pair for its rich midrange, enchanting treble, and refined, punchy bass response. The bass-enhanced version brings more punch and a stronger lower end while maintaining a clear and crisp mid-range and treble response. For enthusiasts, Castor also has four tuning switches that will allow you to play around the sound with multiple tuning choices. KZ Castor is by far the best offering from KZ in this price segment. It is one of my top favourites in this category.

KZ ZST X: Smooth Inoffensive Sound with Clear Vocals!!

Price: Rs 1,499.

KZ - Zst x Wired IEM

KZ ZST X is one of the best offerings from the house of KZ. The pair brings us a rich and balanced sound, a smooth sound that is inoffensive throughout the frequency band and produces crystal-clear vocals. The vocals here on the ZST X are really solid and commendable with rich clarity and well-textured presentation. With rich vocals, we also have a 3D soundstage, the stage has good width and depth. KZ ZST X is among our top recommendations for Vocal lovers and balanced sound lovers in this price bracket.

KZ EDX Pro X: New-Generation Single Dynamic Driver IEMs!!

Price: Rs 849.


KZ EDX Pro X is the latest instalment in the EDX series of single dynamic driver IEMs. The pair houses a 10mm super-linear dynamic driver unit that provides clear sound reproduction with low-distortion characteristics. KZ EDX Pro X is an amazing choice for gamers as the set produces excellent bass response and has spectacular detail retrieval for the price point. The EDX Pro X is also a great choice for an everyday listening partner for its exquisite details and comfortable fit.

KZ EDX Pro: Energetic, Punchy Sound With Excellent Clarity!!

Price: Rs 799.

KZ - EDX Pro Wired IEM

KZ EDX Pro is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a bass-heavy set of in-ear monitors in a budget price range. The pair has a sturdy build with ergonomic ear shells, and they have an exciting sound signature. KZ has adjusted the tuning of the set to have a strong lower end with excellent clarity for this price bracket. You will be able to enjoy your favourite music with complementing lower-end, clear vocals, and bright yet detailed treble sections. EDX Pro suits different genres of music and it is a set that is among the top recommendations around the price bracket.

QKZ AK6 Pro: Clear Sound, Beautiful Ear Shells!!

Price: Rs 699.

QKZ - AK6 Pro Wired IEM with Mic

QKZ AK6 Pro is a single DD IEM priced attractively at just Rs 699. The pair has striking looks with glittery ear shells. The set has an 11mm dynamic driver unit on each side that produces a clear sound response with excellent details for this price point. QKZ AK6 Pro has a warmish tone with a nicely controlled lower end, clear midrange, and detailed treble. It complements different genres of music and is probably one of the cleanest-sounding sets in this price bracket.

KZ EDXS: Energetic and Lively Sound At A Budget!!

Price: Rs 999. (Non-Mic).


KZ has recently launched the all-new EDXS a pocket-friendly single dynamic driver IEM. The pair has an energetic sound with a V-shape profile, showcasing your favourite music with lively, strong lower-end, crisp vocals, detailed instruments, and a wide soundstage. KZ EDXS is known for its rich, organic vocals along with a punchy lower-end response. It’s an exciting sound that compels listeners to enjoy more listening time with their favourite music!! We have brought you the EDXS at an attractive price of just Rs 999!!

Which is the Best IEM around Rs 1,000 in 2024?

This is a little hard question to ask as choosing one from these amazing IEMs is going to be a tough choice. But based on the sales records and reviews online, KZ Castor is one of the best IEMs around Rs 1,000 that amazes users with its excellent sonic capabilities. It also gives you an option to adjust the tuning with four different tuning switches. One of our top recommendations around this price point.

What’s Our Top Recommendations for Bass Lovers?

For people who want a strong bass presentation, bass that is drooling and delicious, and bass that hits like a truck, we would like to recommend the KZ ZST X and the KZ Castor-Bass Enhanced Version. Both these IEMs offer a strong and impactful lower-end response with the Castor providing a more refined presentation than the ZST X. EDX Pro is also a good choice for bass lovers.

What will be our recommendation for Vocal Lovers?

Do you like listening to vocal-centric music?? Audiocular BR and KZ ZST X would be great choices for you. The Audiocular BR offers a balanced and clean sound, a sound which will complement both male and female vocals alike. KZ ZST X has rich and textured vocals. Pretty sure, you are going to have a good time with these choices.

Final Words:-

This price bracket of under and around 1,000 Rupees is quite competitive. We have plenty of options to choose from that offer impressive sound and affordability. With these above-mentioned products, we would like to conclude our personal recommendations for you that will help you choose your next in-ear monitors. Enjoy enhanced clarity, immersive music experience, and convenient drivability without breaking the bank with these offerings. We hope this guide helps you choose your next pair!! For any further questions or queries, feel free to connect with us through our website (Available by e-mail and WhatsApp).