A Comprehensive Guide to GaN Chargers and How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Devices ?

A Comprehensive Guide to GaN Chargers and How to Choose the Perfect One for Your Devices ?

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and when it comes to things that we use in our everyday life, they are kind of evolving at an even faster rate. If we check the tech industry, the fastest growth is seen in the Smartphone and PC/Laptop Industry. If we go by this, the demand for Chargers and basically demand for development in the Charger industry has also shown rapid growth. A few years back, phones used to take hours for full charge, two to three hours was the usual time span for any phone for achieving a full charge.

Gan ChargerWith advancements in technology, we saw different protocols developed by different manufacturers like Samsung’s Quick Charge, Oppo’s Flash Charge, One Plus’s Dash Charge, PPS, FCP, and USB Power Deliver(USB PD), etc. Basically, Brands explored different technologies and developed charging solutions with faster and more efficient charging. This gave birth to a new term, GaN chargers. Today, GaN chargers are widely available, they are a one-point solution for supporting different protocols and providing fast charging to a variety of devices. One single charger will support different protocols including the ones that we have mentioned above. Today, with the help of this guide, we will explore more about GaN chargers, what the actual term means, what are the benefits of using GaN Chargers, and more. So let’s not waste any more time, get our reading glasses on, and begin with today’s guide to GaN Chargers.

What are the GaN Chargers?

GaN stands for Gallium Nitride, and it's a material that's used in the construction of certain types of chargers and power adapters. GaN chargers have gained popularity in recent years because they offer several advantages over traditional chargers based on silicon technology. Basically, we get fast charging support, support for different protocols, high power density, cooler operation, and more. The market has a huge range of GaN chargers starting as low as 40-45W and going as high as 200W. GaN(gallium nitride) is a semiconductor material. It is a more efficient material than Silicone which is normally used in regular power adapters. GaN chargers tend to provide better performance with faster charging speeds, they generate less heat, and waste less energy. With more efficiency, GaN chargers are usually smaller and lighter than traditional silicon chargers while delivering better performance.

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What are the Benefits of Using GaN Chargers?

High-Efficiency Performance:-

As mentioned above, GaN Chargers tend to be more efficient than regular silicone material-based chargers. They provide better efficiency with effective electricity conversion, resulting in less energy loss and heat generation during the charging process. Your power adapter won’t get warm, in fact, it delivers better performance while saving energy wastage and at the same time providing faster charging.

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Fast Charging:-

In today’s fast-moving world, people lack time the most. They want to do everything in a faster way. GaN chargers provide faster charging speeds providing full charging in a matter of minutes. Now you don’t have to wait long hours for your phone or laptop to charge, a few minutes will provide you with ample battery charge to last a good amount of time.

High-Power Density:-

GaN chargers handle high-power densities in a better and more efficient way. They can provide higher wattage output in a smaller form factor. This is useful for charging larger devices such as laptops, tablets, and even certain types of electric vehicles. This has helped brands to include smaller-footprint power adapters with their devices.

Compatible With Different Charging Protocols:-

As we mentioned above, brands developed different charging protocols such as Samsung’s Quick Charging, One Plus’s Dash Charge, etc. GaN chargers are usually compatible and support these different protocols. They perform just like the brand intended providing faster and efficient charging with their devices.

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Compact Size, Cooler Operation:-

GaN chargers are usually compact and light in weight. Their efficient properties allow for better power conversion with smaller footprints. With better efficiency, efficient power conversion, and heat dissipation, manufacturers are able to create compact chargers without compromising on performance at all. They generate less heat during operation, contributing to a cooler charging experience.

How to Choose a GaN Charger for Yourself?

Choosing the perfect GaN Charger is very important. First and foremost, we need to understand our requirements, like what devices we’ll be charging with the charger and then ensure the particular model we are getting has support for those devices. Let’s understand in simpler language.

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Decide for what devices you need the Charger for:-

Simply look at your collection of gadgets, and decide what devices you will be using the charger for. Different devices support different protocols and we need to make sure that the particular model that we are looking at supports them. If our required protocols are supported, we will be able to get better performance with the charger. For example, if you need something for Laptops and smartphones, USB PD charging is the latest protocol which is supported by most devices. Also, you need to understand the maximum amount of power that your devices require. Like if your devices support a maximum power input of 45W, there is no point in buying a 200W charger adapter, you can simply choose a 45W one and get the desired performance.

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Understand the Actual Current Specifications of your device:-

In order to find the perfect charger for your device, you need to check its current and voltage specifications. Voltage, usually denoted as V, tells us about the voltage requirements of the device. Along with the active current(denoted by A or Ampere) required, we can get an idea of whether the charger will be compatible with our device or not. For example, a device that takes 5V/2.4A input would not charge well with a 5V/2A charger, to get the best performance, we need to find the adapter with 5V/2.4A specifications. Let’s take an example of Apple MacBook’s power adapter. It has a power rating of 60W USB PD 2.0 protocol charging. If we dive deep, we get to know that the adapter here has 20V/3A, 9V/3A, and 5V/2.4A output. Now, while looking for a replacement, we need to find a charger with 20V/3A output and 60W total output so that our Macbook can charge efficiently. What difference that would make? a GaN charger will be smaller and more power efficient compared to the regular 20V/3A charger brick.

Carefully Check the Specifications of the Charger:-

Once you know what protocols and maximum charging capacity you require, carefully check the specifications of the charger that you are going to purchase. Sometimes brands refer to the charging specs as a whole, like they will have multiple charging ports with different outputs but they will mark the charging capacity of the adapter by summing them up. Like you can buy a GaN charger with 65W total capacity distributed among different ports or you can also get a charger with a 65W output from a single PD port. For this, you need to check their specifications carefully and buy the one that is appropriate for you.

Now, let’s check out some of the models of GaN chargers that are available with us.

TECPHILE A2017 245W GaN Charger: Highly-Efficient Power Adapter!!

Price: Rs 8,499.


Looking for something compact and something that can provide a highly efficient performance, TECPHILE A2017 is our go-to choice for the GaN Chargers. With its dual PD 3.0 100W slots and dual QC3.0 22.5W slots, the charger has a total rating of 245W. Even with such powerful output, the adapter is compact in size and has lightweight aesthetics. Normal 50-60W silicone chargers are heavy and big, just like a brick, but this one here has so much more power density yet maintains a very compact and portable posture. TECPHILE A2017 power adapter is compatible with different protocols including PPS, PD3.0, QC4+, QC3.0, AFC, FCP, SCP, Smart 2.4A, etc. A simple one-point solution for all your requirements!!

TECPHILE A1903 150W GaN Charger: Compact & Versatile GaN Charger!!

Price: Rs 5,190.

Our next model is the TECPHILE A1903, a compact and versatile GaN charger with a 150W power rating. This one also supports the PPS technology protocol along with USB PD3.0 and QC4.0. It has four power outlets, two standard USB-A and two high-power USB Type-C. The A1903 is widely compatible with a range of devices including smartphones, laptops, smart devices, and more. It can be used as a multi-device charger as well. TECPHILE A1903 has a compact, non-slippery design, which makes it an easy travel companion. Get yours today!!

Chipofy RH PD 65W GaN Charger: Ultra-Compact Charger For Your Macbook!!

Price: Rs 1,999.

This one is a super compact adapter with 65W PD and QC charging protocol output. It can charge your Macbook with ease and it’s compact form factor allows you to easily carry it around. When normal silicone-based chargers with 65W output tend to have a big brick-style design, this one is as compact as a smartphone charger.

Final Words:-

GaN Chargers are the current generation of technology in Power Adapters. We have come a long way from big bricks providing normal charging speed to getting ultimate fast charging with these GaN chargers, Today, the market is filled with options supporting almost every device with a single charger. We wonder what will come up next because already we have reached a time where we can get full charging in minutes, but we got some information that Brands are now developing something new with SiC(Silicone Carbide) material. They are said to be faster and even more efficient, we just can’t wait to know more about them. Well, this is it for today’s guide. We hope you get to learn something with this guide about GaN Chargers, for any further questions or queries we are here to help you out. Just connect with us through our website.

Thank You!!