XINHS - 2BA +1DD Hybrid IEM

XINHS - 2BA +1DD Hybrid IEM


3-Driver hybrid configuration | Powerful Dynamic Driver | Customized Balanced Armature drivers | Three-Way Frequency Division | Adjustable tuning with two tuning switches | Beautiful designer face covers | Comfortable shell design | Standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors | Easy to power | High-Quality Stock Cable

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EXPLORE NEW REALMS OF SOUND WITH THREE-DRIVER HYBRID CONFIGURATION: In order to deliver exciting sound output, XINHS HS3 features a three-driver hybrid configuration on each side. It houses a dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers on each side producing impressive sound clarity.

DISTORTION-FREE SOUND WITH THREE-WAY FREQUENCY DIVISION: The three drivers are arranged in a three-way frequency division to ensure quality sound with lower distortion in the output signal. The dynamic driver produces a powerful lower end that complements the crisp midrange and extended treble produced by individual balanced armature driver units.

ADJUSTABLE TUNING WITH TWO TUNING SWITCHES: XINHS HS3 brings you the ability to adjust the output as per your requirements. XINHS has featured two tuning switches on the ear shells, that adjusts the tuning using the electronic crossover. Adjust the output for Clear, crisp sound or bass-heavy sound, or vocals enhancing sound output.

USE EASILY WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE: Worried about the drivability of the HS3? The pair can be driven easily off a regular smartphone with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It has been designed with efficient circuitry giving the set an impedance rating of just 9.8Ω and high sensitivity of 107dB. Enjoy high-resolution sound straight with your smartphones and XINHS HS3.

BEAUTIFUL HAND-PAINTED DESIGNER FACE COVERS & ERGONOMIC EAR SHELLS: XINHS HS3 provides a super comfortable wearing experience with its lightweight resin ear cavities. The pair features stunning looks with its hand-painted face plates. The pair fits perfectly, gives good isolation, and has beautiful looks, a complete designer package.

DETACHABLE SINGLE-ENDED CABLE: XINHS HS3 adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. It has single-ended 3.5mm termination ensuring wide compatibility with most sources out there. The 2-pin connectors allow for easy replacement of cable whenever required.

Brand Name
Product Name
XINHS - 2BA +1DD Hybrid IEM
Driver Count
1 Bass+1 Mid+1 Treble
Frequency Response
0.78mm 2-pin
3.5mm Single-Ended


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Don't worry,XINHS 2BA +1DD Hybrid IEM comes with a 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects. We guarantee that every product on Concept Kart is genuine and backed by the Manufacturer's warranty.

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