TRN - A3 Upgrade Cable for IEM with Mic


6-core Upgraded Cable | High-Purity Oxygen-Free Copper Wire | 2 Pin 0.78mm Connector | 3.5mm Gold-Plated Audio Jack | HD Microphone | Hand-Braided Design | 4.5mm diameter | Chin-Slider | Memory Ear-Hooks | Natural-Sounding

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Title: 0.78mm/3.5mm Plug
0.78mm/3.5mm Plug
0.75mm/3.5mm Plug


VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY: The cable comes with two pin connection options - 0.78mm 2-pin and 0.75mm 2-pin. Please ensure compatibility before making a purchase.

0.78 MM CONNECTOR: Kefine Klanar, Intuaura Purple, Splendor, Hidizs MP145, Kinera Celest Phoenixcall, Celest Pandamon,  EPZ G10, Rose Technics QT X, Tripowin X HBB Kailua, x HBB Olina SE, Tin HiFi C3/T2/C2/P1 Max/T3 Plus/T1S/T2,  Mech Warrior, Blon x Z Jojo, x Hbb Z300/BL-A8/BL-03, Kiwi Ear Quartet, Cadenza, Orchestra, Moondrop Blessing 3/Lan/Stellaris/Blessing 2/KatoEdition/Aria/S8/Starfield, SeeAudio - x Z Review Rinko, TRI Star River, SIMGOT - EA1000, EM6L, EW200, EA500, 7HZ Legato/Timeless/Salnotes Zero/ 7HZ x Crinacle Zero 2, LETSHUOER S15, x GIZAUDIO Galileo, Lite, TRN MT3, RAPTGO - x HBB Hook x, DUNU Talos/Titan s, TANGZU Warner S. G, Fudu  x SeeAudio Shimin Li Encounter Edition, x HBB Wu Heyday, Zetian Wu Planar, SGOR HiFi Venus, Muse HiFi Power, Letshouer S12 Pro/ S12, Tangzu Shimin Li, Tanchjim One, Kara, Ola, Oxygen, TFORCE Yuanli Dark Soul, ThieAudio Legacy 4, shozy Form 1.1, Shouer Tape Pro, ND 001

0.75MM QDC CONNECTOR: ND ZR, Nice, DD3, KZ PR3, EDX Pro X, EDX Lite, EDX PRO, ZSN Pro, Castor, ZSN PRO X, AST, ZS10 PRO X, AS16 PRO, D-Fi, Krila, ZS10 PRO, PR2, DQS, ZAR, AS24, ZVX, ZEX PRO, EDXS, EDA, EDX Ultra, PR1 PRO, ZNA, ZSN, ZAS, DQ6, ESX, ZEX, ASX, ZAT, TRN CONCH , ST1 PRO, EMA, MT4, VXPRO, EMX, TA4, Xuanwu, TA1 MAX, MT4 Pro,  BA16, BA8, BA5, M10, STM, ST1, VX, V90S, CCA Duo, Planist, FLA CKX, CA4, C10 Pro, A10, C12, CA16, CS1, CRA , Kbear KB06

6-CORE UPGRADED CABLE: The cable is constructed using six individual strands, which helps to improve the overall signal transmission and reduce potential interference or crosstalk between channels. Its upgrade design enhances the audio quality and clarity of the connected device.

HIGH-PURITY OXYGEN-FREE COPPER CABLE: The cable utilizes high-purity oxygen-free copper wire, which is known for its excellent conductivity properties. This choice of material ensures minimal signal loss during audio transmission, resulting in accurate sound reproduction.

2 PIN 0.78MM DETACHABLE CABLE: TRN A3's detachable cable allows users to easily switch and customize their IEM cables based on personal preferences. Additionally, the cable is designed to be compatible with a wide range of IEM models, expanding its usability and versatility.

HD MICROPHONE: The cable includes a built-in HD microphone. It allows you to make or receive phone calls or participate in voice chats while using your earphones. The high-definition microphone ensures clear and natural-sounding voice transmission.

BRAIDED DESIGN: The cable is braided, which provides several benefits. It enhances durability, reduces tangling and microphonics (noise caused by cable movement), and improves overall aesthetics.

3.5MM GOLD-PLATED AUDIO JACK: The cable comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, which is a standard size for most audio devices. The jack is gold-plated, which improves conductivity and prevents corrosion, ensuring a reliable connection and optimal audio signal transfer.

MEMORY EAR-HOOKS: The cable is designed with soft memory ear-hooks that provide a secure and comfortable fit around your ears. These hooks conform to the shape of your ears, ensuring that the earphones stay in place even during active movement.

CHIN-SLIDER: The cable is equipped with a chin-slider, that allows you to adjust the length of the cable and secure it comfortably around your neck or chin. This helps to prevent the cable from tangling or getting in your way during use.



Product Name
TRN A3 Upgrade Cable with Mic
Product Type
OFC braided Replacement cable
84 microfilaments into 14 strands per core, total 6 cores, crisscross braid
2Pin 0.78mm
Auxiliary connector
3.5mm gold-plated Audio jack
Over-ears with memory hooks and chin-slider
Cable length
1.2 meters
Cable Type

Box Content

    What will you get
  • 1x TRN Upgrade Cable for IEM

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
S.M. (Delhi, IN)
Unexpected Quality for such a cheap price

Having spent about 2 weeks with these, they are now one of my all-time favourites. Using these with the Shuoer S12s. Comparing to the JCally JC20, these are lighter, cheaper, and better earhooks, which on the JC20 actually ended up hurting my ears. Tripowin Grace also gets absolutely thrashed by this, which felt like a thread compared to this.

Go for this if you want a cheap, but great cable!!

Anonymous (Thrissur, IN)
good one

good cable for the price.

ramanuj kashyap (Guwahati, IN)
One of the best cables under 1000

I have it paired with the Kiwi Ears Cadenza, this feels more premium than the price tag, mic quality is great, the ear hooks are comfortable and don't make the IEMs sag and in brief, just go for it. Also, the cable feels very durable.

Akshay (Delhi, IN)
pretty great

lighter and a much better fit with the salnotes zero. no interference with eye glasses.

We are so grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community.

Sameer Tangri (Bengaluru, IN)
Works perfectly fine with my TinHifi T3+

Version I purchased- 0.78mm/3.5mm Plug.

This product fits nicely and works perfectly fine with my TinHifi T3+ which is my EDC (EveryDay Carry). I can now conveniently take and make calls while using my TinHifi T3+ IEMs with this cable. The cable is of superior quality, tangle-free, and lightweight which makes it suitable as an EDC. For me - the sound signature and quality have remained as they were with the original cable. I have not heard any perceivable change in the sound signature as such and I am happy and satisfied with this purchase. It offers full bang for my buck!