TIN HiFi - T3 Plus Wired IEM

TIN HiFi - T3 Plus Wired IEM

10mm Dynamic Driver with LCP Diaphragm | Dual Cavity Design |Exquisite Workmanship | Resin Ear-shells with Marble texture | Gorgeous Appearance |Built in High Performance magnetic Architecture | 105±3dB | Ergonomic Design | Comfortable & Lightweight

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10MM DIAPHRAGM DYNAMIC DRIVER: The TINHIFI T3 PLUS is equipped with a 10mm dynamic driver, dual cavity design, high-performance magnets, and a full-size liquid crystal polymer (LCP). This can reduce unnecessary vibration and restore high-quality sound. A hard and sensitive LCP diaphragm produces high-definition sound and excellent transient response.

3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY: T3 PLUS uses 3D printing technology to accurately capture the contour of the ear canal and the shape of the outer ear, via a computer model simulation database of the human ear, which not only perfectly fits the human ear canal, but maintains certain sound insulation capabilities, and also makes people feel comfortable wearing them.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESIN COMBINED WITH MARBLE: The ear shells of TINHIFI T3 PLUS are made of resin material and selected marble panels. The whole process is hand polished and treated by UV treatment process. Each IEM is meticulously crafted and hand-made, just like exquisite handicrafts and beautiful.

RICH ACCESSORIES: T3 PLUS utilizes the same high-quality soft wire as TINHIFI T5. The attached slub cotton storage bag has excellent hygroscopicity and air permeability. Additionally, this material degrades rapidly, making it very environmentally friendly. 

DELICATE PACKAGING: TINHIFI T3 PLUS uses high-quality materials to make elegant packaging. Every time it is opened, it is a pleasant unpacking process. In addition to its own use, it can also be used as a gift for friends.

Product Features:

1. The sound of clarity, without any unpleasant "hiss”.
2. A good sense of balance, the tone never gets too bright or too dark, high and low-frequency sound distribution is uniform, the frequency of convergence and transition is natural and smooth.
3. Great high-frequency extension, delicate and supple.
4. Lows are deep and clean, full and versatile, able to show the actual low frequency sounded intended by the artist.
5. Distortion is kept at zero even when the volume is pushed higher.
6. Good analytical power, rich in details, minute details in the tracks can still be clearly reproduced.
7. Has a good ability to showcase the sound field, be it is wide or intimate depending on the track, the instrument positioning is accurate and stable, there is great information and clarity in the sound field.
8. There is no obvious dynamic compression, with a good sense of speed, pace and rhythm.




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What will you get:
  • 1* TIN HIFI T3 Plus Wired IEM
  • 3*Pair Silicone Red Ear tips
  • 3*Pair Silicone Black Ear tips
  • 1*Pair Memory Foam Ear tips
  • 1*Earphone Carry Bag
TIN Hifi T3 Plus
Driver Unit
Ф10mm Liquid crystal polymer vibrator membrane speaker
3D Printing Process
Rated Power
Max Power : 5mW
105±3dB @1kHz 0.179V
Max Distortion
1%@1k Hz 0.179V
Frequency Response
Ф2.8mm (40/0.05 oxygen-free copper+ 200D Kevlar) *4-core Black PU cable
Gold-plated 2Pin 0.78mm connector
3.5mm Gold Plated l Type
‎14 x 12 x 4 cm
290 Grams
Other Key Info
Color: Black
Cable Length : 1.2m+3cm


Don't worry, TIN HiFi T3 Plus Wired IEM comes with a 1 Year warranty against manufacturing defects. We guarantee that every product on Concept Kart is genuine and backed by the Manufacturer's warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Srinivasan Venkatasubramanian (Chennai, IN)
Quite good

Just started listening, quite good so far. I expect the sound quality to go better after burn-in.

Vaishnav r (Kochi, IN)
One of the iems i have been waiting really long for purhcasing it and have been finnaly able to

The iem honestly met and slightly exceeded my expectation, it surely is a detail king and damn was it worth the wait . if you look up its frequency graph you will find how flat the graph actually is but even like so the treble wasnt muffled not very energetic unfortunately but did the job well . and otherwise too it was rather fantastic but as one of the reviewers put it this iem loves power and not that something like the apple dongle will not power this to a loud level but it just needs more to shine with my custom amp and my zen dac it overall just opened up so if you ever do end up buying this that is one thing to keep in mind . And at the price i bought it at concept kart its just a good deal .

Thank you for such a detailed review!!