TECPHILE – 100W PD Charging Nylon Cable for Lenovo Laptop


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High-Quality PD Fast Charging Cable

100W High-Speed Charging Cable

Durable Flexible Nylon Braided

20V Powerful Type-C Connector

Compatible Devices Lenovo Laptop

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100W POWER DELIVERY WITH LENOVO SQUARE CONNECTOR: Supports up to 100W for fast charging, making it highly practical. Designed to use a TypeC PD charger to power laptop devices, this USB TypeC to DC male plug converter cable allows you to connect your laptop to a PD charger.

100 METER STRONG AND TANGLE-FREE FAST CHARGING CABLE: The 100W (20V/5A) PD USB-C replacement charging cable eliminates the need for a bulky charger or power brick, making it convenient for use in your backpack, office, studio, or while traveling. It features a soft copper wire body with a durable, wear-resistant braided design that resists bending and tangling. Additionally, it includes a cable tie for easy storage.

ADVANCED PD AND EMARK CHIP TECHNOLOGY FOR EFFICIENT CHARGING: Equipped with a built-in PD chip and Emark smart chip, this USB-C to Long Slim Tip cable supports a maximum current of 5A and power delivery of up to 100W, ensuring efficient USB PD fast charging. It is compatible with fast charging for various power levels, including 100W, 90W, 65W, 45W, and 40W. Please note that this cable does not support video and data transmission.


The Square shape charging port compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Pro DK1522 Dock, Dock 40A7, Dock 40A70045EU, Dock 40A70045UK, Dock 40A70045US, Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Ultra Dock DK1523, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (3rd Gen), Lenovo ThinkPad X250, 20CL001FUS, 20CL001JUS, 20CM001Q++, 20CM001Y++, 20CM0021++, 20CM002XUS, 20CM0030US, X260 20F5, X270 20HM000HVA, 20HN0016, 20HN002D, 20HN003W, 20K6001Q, 20K6S0ME00, Yoga (20CD) (20C0), Yoga 11e 20D9 / 20DA, Yoga 11e 20D9 / 20DA, Yoga 11e 20D9 / 20DA, 20D9000XUS, 20DA001GUS, 20E7000DUS, 5th Gen 20LM0004US, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook, Yoga 14 20DM, Yoga 260 20FD, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370, 370 20JH001VUS, 370 20JH002CUS, 370 20JH002KMH, 370 20JJS2QR00, Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1-S240Lenovo ThinkVision X24, X24A, Lenovo U31 U31-70 80M5007EUS, 80M5007KCF, 80M5007FUS, Lenovo U330p 80B0, Lenovo U41-70 U4170, Lenovo V110-15AST 80TD, V110-15IAP 80TG, V110-15IKB 80TH, V110-15ISK 80TL, V130-14IKB 81HQ, V130-15IGM 81HL, V130-15IKB 81HN, V310-15ISK 80SY, Lenovo V330-14ARR, V330-14ARR 81B1, V510-14IKB 80WR, V510-15IKB 80WQ, Lenovo Yoga 2 11, Yoga 2 11 59422667, 59422670, 59424706, Yoga 2 13 80DN, Lenovo Yoga 300 88YG3000595, 300-11 80M0007PGE, 300-11IBY 300-11IBR, 500 80N40090CK 80N6002VHH 80N70028NX, 500 80N400PKUK 80N50049RI 80N600F1CK, 500 80N400T5GE 80N6001LGE 80N4003VIN, 500 80R6001TIV, 500-14ACL 500-14IBD 500-14IHW, 500-14ACL 80NA, 500-14ISK 500-15IBD 500-15IHW, 500-15ISK 80R6, Z40-70 20366 80E6 Z50-70 20354 80E7, Z50-70 20354 80E7, Z50-75 80EC, Z51 80K6003VGE 80K60030US, Delta ADLX45NDC3A 36200245, ADLX45NLC3A 36200246.

Lenovo Charging Port Size 4.0 x 1.7mm Compatible with

Lenovo 110 Touch-15ACL 80V7Lenovo 110-14IBR 80T6Lenovo 110-15ACL 80TJLenovo 110-15IBR 80T7Lenovo 310-14ISK 80SLLenovo 310-15ISK 80SMLenovo 310-15ISK 80UHLenovo 310S-15IKB 80UWLenovo 320 Touch-15IKB 81BHLenovo 320-15ABR 80XSLenovo 320-15IKB 81BGLenovo 320-15IKB 81BTLenovo 320-17AST 80XWLenovo 320-17IKB 80XMLenovo 320-17ISK 80XJLenovo 320S-14IKB 80X4Lenovo 320S-15IKB 80X5Lenovo 320S-15IKB 81BQLenovo 320S-15ISK 80Y9Lenovo 330-15ARR 81D2Lenovo 330-15IGM 81D1Lenovo 330-15IKB 81DELenovo 330-15IKB Touch 81DJLenovo 330-17AST 81D7Lenovo 510-15ISK 80SRLenovo 510S-13IKB 80V0Lenovo 510S-13ISK 80SJLenovo 510S-14IKB 80UVLenovo 510S-14ISK 80TKLenovo 520-15IKB 80YLLenovo 520S-14IKB 80X2Lenovo 720S-14IKB 80XCLenovo Flex 4 1470 80SALenovo Flex 4 1480 80VDLenovo Flex 4 1570 80SBLenovo Flex 4 1580 80VELenovo Flex 4 SeriesLenovo Flex 5 1470 81C9Lenovo Flex 5 1570 81CALenovo Flex 6-14IKB 81EMLenovo IdeaPad 100Lenovo IdeaPad 100sLenovo IdeaPad 110Lenovo IdeaPad 310Lenovo IdeaPad 510Lenovo IdeaPad 510sLenovo IdeaPad 710sLenovo V110-17IKB 80V2Lenovo V320-17IKB 81AHLenovo Yoga 510Lenovo Yoga 510-14IKB 80VBLenovo Yoga 510-14ISK 80S7Lenovo Yoga 510-14ISK 80UKLenovo Yoga 510-15IKB 80VCLenovo Yoga 510-15ISK 80S8Lenovo Yoga 520-14IKB 80YMLenovo Yoga 710.

Lenovo Charging Port Size 7.9x5.5 mm Compatible with 

Lenovo ThinkPad T: T400 T410, T410si; T420, T420S, T420i; T430 T430s T430u 3351, 3352, 6273, 8614; T500, T510 ,T510i; T520 4239, 4240, 4242, 4243; T520i; T530 2392, 2394, 2429; T60 1952; T60p; T61 6459, 6463, 6464, 7658, 7659, 7661

for Lenovo ThinkPad X: X100E 2876, 3508; X120E 0596, 0611, 0613; X130E 0622, 0627, 2338, 2339; X131E 3367, 3368, 3372, 6283; X140E 20BL; X200; X201; X200S; X200T; X201i; X201S; X201T; X220 4287, 4290, 4291, 4294, 4296, 4298, 4299, 7454; X220i 4286; X220T X230T X300 X230 2320, 2324, 2325, 3435, 3437, 3438; X301 2776; X60 1706, 1707, 1708, 1709 , 2509, 2501, 6363; X60s 1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 2507, 2508, 2533; X61 7675, 7676; X61LS;X61s

for Lenovo ThinkPad L: L410; L412 0553, 0585, 4403, 4404; L420 7827, 7854, 7856; L421; L430 2465, 2466; L510; L512 2597, 2598, 4444, 4447; L520 7860; L530

for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 019929U 01994JU 030245U 0578-47B 0578F7U 11 13 0196; Edge 14 0199, 0578, 0579; Edge 15 0301, 0302, 0319; E220S 5038; E420 1141; E425; E420S 4401; E430 3254, 6271; E430c 3365; E520 1143; E525 1200; E530 3259, 6272; E530c 3366; E535 3260; E545 20B2

for Lenovo ThinkPad B490; B590 5935, 5936, 5941; R400 7440; R61 7733; R61i 7650, 7732; S230u 20C4, 3347, 5933; SL300; SL400; SL410 2842; SL500; SL510 2847; Z60, Z60m, Z60t, Z61, Z61e, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t, R500, R61e, R60, R60e, R60i, W500

for Lenovo 3000 Series C100 C200 N100 N200 V100 V200


  1. You need to use a charger and cable as per your laptop Power requirements.
  2. If your charger is 65W, then the charger and cable should also support 65W, else connector will not work.
  3. Mobile Chargers are not compatible with these adapters


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