TECPHILE – 100W Type C to Female Acer/ Asus/ Samsung Laptop Adapter


100W Female Type C to Laptop Adapter | Avoid Plugging & Unplugging | Compact | Lightweight | Compatible with Acer Swift, 3 Sf314-41, 3 Sf314-51, Asus Ultrabook, ZenBook UX21, UX21E, Samsung 530, 530U3, 900X1, 900X3, 900X4B-A02US |Fast Charging Connector | Comfortable and Easy to Use

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MINIMIZE THE NEED FOR CONSTANT PLUGGING AND UNPLUGGING: TECPHILE 100W Female Type C to Acer/Asus/Samsung Laptop Adapter is designed to minimize the need for frequent connection changes. This adapter ensures a reliable and stable connection at all times. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our adapter, without worrying about the wear and tear caused by constant plugging and unplugging.


ACER: Acer Swift, 3 Sf314-41, 3 Sf314-51, 3 Sf314-52, 3 Sf314-53G, 3 Sf314-54, 3 Sf314-55, 3 Sf314-56, 3 Sf314-56-542P, 3 Sf314-56G, 3 Sf315-51, 3 Sf315-52, 3 Sf315-52G, 5 Sf514-51, 5 Sf514-52T, 5 Sf514-53T, S3-471-53Du, ACER A314-22, A315-22, A315-23, A315-34, A514-52, A514-53, A514-54, A515-44, A515-54, A515-54G, A515-55 ACER Spin SP111-33.

ASUS: ASUS Ultrabook ZenBook UX21 UX21E UX31 UX31E, Transformer Book T300CHI T200TA T200T T300LA

SAMSUNG: 530, 530U3, 530U3B, 530U3B-A01, 30U3B-A02, 530U3B-A04, 530U3C, 530U3C-A02, 530U3C-A05, 530U4, 530U4E, 532U3, 532U4C, 535U3C, 535U4C, 540U3C, 550P5C, 550P7C, 730UBE, 900X1, 900X3, 900X3C, 900X3C-A01, 900X3C-A01AU, 900X3C-A02, 900X3C-A02DE, 900X3C-A04, 900X3C-A04DE, 900X3D, 900X3E-K01, US 900X3F, 900X3F-K01, 900X4, 900X46, 900X4B-A01 DE, 900X4B-A01 FR, 900X4B-A02, 900X4B-A02US, 900X4B-A03, 900X4C, 900X4C-A01, 900X4C-A04DE, 900X4D-A01, 90-XB020APW00100C

Important Note: Please choose the right PD Charger and Cable according to your laptop needs.

 What is the importance of using a charger and cable that is compatible with the power requirements of your laptop?

  • Please ensure that you use a charger and cable that are compatible with the power requirements of your laptop. It is important to use a charger and cable that can provide the necessary power for your specific laptop model
  • Make sure that if your laptop requires a 65W charger, both the charger and cable should also support 65W. Using a charger and cable with a different power rating may cause the connector to not work properly.

Can we charge the laptop with a mobile adapter?

  • No, charging a laptop with a mobile adapter is not feasible as mobile adapters typically have lower power output and do not provide the necessary voltage, such as the 20V required for laptop charging.

 COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Experience the convenience of a small and lightweight PD charge converter. With its compact design, you can say goodbye to the hassle of carrying bulky chargers. Whether you're in the office or on the go, this converter is perfect for your charging needs. Travel lighter and enjoy the portability of our compact PD charge converter.

 INTRODUCING OUR USB TYPE C PD CONVERTER: With the 100W Fast-Charging Connector, charging your Acer/Asus/Samsung laptops with the USB C PD Charger and cable is easy and efficient, saying goodbye to the traditional laptop adapter. (Need to buy a Type C PD Charger and cable separately).

Tips: This is the converter via USB type c to laptops, you need one USB C Adapter or power bank to support it. And your type c adapter or power bank should have enough power to charge your laptop.

3.0x1.1mm Adapter: For example, if your laptop's input is 19V2.37A/19V3.42A, 19V2.37A, 19V2.1A (100W Max) then your USB type c adapter should be not lower than 100w, otherwise, it will not work. Please, check carefully before purchasing

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We usually ship orders on same day if ordered before 2 pm or within 24 hours if ordered later (except on holidays/sunday, where processing times may be higher) from one of our domestic warehouses based out of Delhi. It normally takes around 1 to 5 business days for delivery. We use premium service partners such as Blue dart, DTDC and Delivery for faster and reliable service. A tracking number will be provided upon shipment.

In very rare cases when order is not received after 10 business days of shipment (extended by number of days when the govt. Restricts movement of goods due to factors such as coronavirus pandemic), please contact us and we will provide you a support.

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Siddhesh (Mumbai, IN)
Useful adapter for laptop

100W Type C to Female Acer/Asus/Samsung Laptop Adapte