Shimano - ST-R8000 Ultegra STI Shifters


Shimano Ultegra | Dual Control Lever | Rim Brake | SLR-EV | 11 Speed | Clear contact feeling with balanced Rigidity | Stopping Power | Sleek Design | Compatible with wider 28C tire size | Reach Adjust | Lighter Front Shift Action

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Shifters: ST-R8000 (Pair)
ST-R8000 (Pair)
ST-R8000 (Right)
ST-R8000 (Left)

SHIMANO ULTEGRA RIM BRAKE 11 SPEED:  The SHIMANO ULTEGRA R8000 series shifters guarantee the same level of shifting and braking performance while offering a greater range of reach adjust and lighter front shift action.

DUAL CONTROL LEVER: Dual control lever feature braking and shifting, which was born under the concept of STI (Shimano Total Integration). The dual control lever allows for braking and shifting operation without releasing your hand from the handle, greatly reducing rider stress as well as touring.

REACH ADJUSTMENT MECHANISM: The brake lever has a reach adjustment mechanism. The distance from the handlebar grip to the lever can be adjusted to fit your hand size, riding type, and individual cyclists’ preference.

OT-SP41: The OT-SP41 is pre-lubricated with a special silicone grease over the entire length for fast and accurate shifting. The OT-SP41 greatly reduces friction on the inner cable for quick response to operation and comfortable shifting with light force. In addition, it reduces fatigue caused by shift operation, even in high-intensity terrain and long rides.

SLR-EV: SLR-EV is a SLR with dual symmetric pivot brake calipers. This short arm brake design features two bearings and one roller, which increases the efficiency of the pivot area to produce excellent modulation and strong braking power. With the function of the BC-9000 brake cable, the caliper delivers 36% more braking power than Shimano previous brake models. It also comes with 2 axle symmetrical brake caliper and fork mount and chain stage mount type (BR-R9100/6810/5810).

POLYMER COATED CABLE: The secret to performance is Polymer Coating. When observed by a microscope, it looks like a thin tube is wrapped around the inner cable. This construction reduces sliding area of the inner housing liner and holds grease in the sliding area for a long time, key features are light and fast shifting, braking operation and improved stopping power.

Note: Please Refer User Manual for more Information


Brand Name: Shimano

Model Number: ST-R8000-R

Series: ULTEGRA R8000 Series

Color: Series Color

Remarks: *Use Bush

Shifting Lever Outer Casing Lever Side: OT-SP41

Shifting Lever_ Outer Casing Rear Derailleur Side: OT-RS900

Shifting lever_Shifting lever cable shipping condition_Not Pre-Assembled: Yes

Brake lever_Clamp band (mm): 23.8 - 24.2

Brake Lever_ Reach Adjust: Screw

Brake lever_SLR-EV: Yes

Shift lever_Rear speeds: 11

Lever Type: Dual Control Lever

Shifter Type: Dual Control Lever

Bracket Cover Color: Black


1* Shimano – ST-R8000-R Ultegra Rim Brake

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