NiceHCK – GreyFlag Mixed Copper Upgrade Cable for IEM


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  • Flagship Conductor Structure
  • (7N OCC+6N OFC) Mixed Copper Cable
  • PP Yarn Cloth Weaving Outer Layer
  • Aluminum Alloy Gold Plated Plug Shell
  • High End Capacitive Reactance
  • Internal Litz Structure Braided Cable

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Size: 0.78mm 2Pin
0.78mm 2Pin


The NICEHCK GreyFlag upgrade cable comes with a range of Connector options. Please check before making a purchase that the cable fits your needs.

  1. 0.78mm 2Pin Connector with 4.4mm Termination Plug
  2. MMCX Connector with 4.4mm Termination Plug

WIDER COMPATIBILITY: This GreyFlag upgrade cable is compatible with all the IEMs featuring 0.78mm 2Pin or MMCX connectors.

  • 0.78MM CONNECTOR: Kefine Klanar, Intuaura Purple, Splendor, Hidizs MP145, Kinera Celest Phoenixcall, Celest Pandamon, EPZ G10, Rose Technics QT X, Tripowin X HBB Kailua, x HBB Olina SE, Tin HiFi C3, T2, C2, P1 Max, T3 Plus, T1S, T2,  Mech Warrior, Blon x Z Jojo, x Hbb Z300, BL-A8, BL-03, Kiwi Ear Quartet, Cadenza, Orchestra, Moondrop Blessing 3, Lan, Stellaris, Blessing 2, KatoEdition, Aria, S8, Starfield, SeeAudio - x Z Review Rinko, TRI Star River, SIMGOT - EA1000, EM6L, EW200, EA500, 7HZ Legato, Timeless, Salnotes Zero,  7HZ x Crinacle Zero 2, LETSHUOER S15, x GIZAUDIO Galileo, Lite, TRN MT3, RAPTGO - x HBB Hook x, DUNU Talos, Titan s, TANGZU Warner S. G, Fudu  x SeeAudio Shimin Li Encounter Edition, x HBB Wu Heyday, Zetian Wu Planar, SGOR HiFi Venus, Muse HiFi Power, Letshouer S12 Pro,  S12, Tangzu Shimin Li, Tanchjim One, Kara, Ola, Oxygen, TFORCE Yuanli Dark Soul, ThieAudio Legacy 4, shozy Form 1.1, Shouer Tape Pro, ND 001
  • MMCX CONNECTOR: EPZ Q5, Rose Technics QT9-MK3, Audio Ehhiku, Tin HIFI T2, T2 Plus, T3, T4 - LZ A6, A5, A4, A3, LZ-Z04A, LZ Z05A-YINYOO PRO H5, H3, HQ5, HQ6, HQ8, HQ10, HQ12, HX3, HX-AZLA HORIZON -FINAL E4000, E5000-CAMPFIRE AUDIO AUDBOS K5 P4 WHIZZER.WESTONE W20, W30, W50, XBA-Z5, XBA-H3, XBA-H2, XBA-A2, XBA-N3P, XBA-N1AP, XBA-300AP - XELENTO MAGAOSI K5, K3-SENFER DT6, PT15, DT8, UE900- SHURE SE215, SE846, SE425, SE535, SE535LTD.

7N OCC AND 6N OFC MIXED FLAGSHIP CABLE: The GreyFlag upgrade cable from NiceHCK is an absolute flagship model featuring mixed, 7N OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) main conductor + 6N OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) shielding layer. The cable is designed to make your in-ear monitor produce a balanced and high-figidity sound. And made with 7N (99.9999% pure) oxygen-free copper (OCC). OCC cables are known for their high conductivity and purity, which can potentially result in improved audio signal transmission. It adds depth to the low tones, emotion to the middle tones, and smoothness to the high tones, creating a broader and more immersive listening experience.

TANGLE RESISTANCE PP YARN WOVEN CABLE: The cable features a woven pattern using polypropylene (PP) yarn. Polypropylene provides durability and resistance to wear and tear. Woven cables are more flexible and less prone to damage compared to rigid cables also these cables are prone to tangling compared to standard cables. Woven Replacement cable gives the cable a unique and aesthetic look.

MINIMIZED SIGNAL LOSS: Crafted by NiceHCK, this cable is designed to reduce signal loss during audio transmission, delivering a full and clear sound profile with strong bass, delicate midrange, and extended highs. When connected to headphones, it provides an impressive lifting effect on the overall audio experience.

ALUMINUM ALLOY PLUG SHELL: The connector and plugs outer shell are made with aluminum alloy which provides durability and resistance to corrosion especially considering the wear and tear that connectors can experience over time. Aluminum is a relatively lightweight material which also make the cable portable for audio setups.

GOLD-PLATED TERMINATION PLUG: The cable terminates with a gold-plated plug, which provides a secure and reliable connection to audio devices and Gold-plating helps to minimize signal loss and maintain good conductivity.

  • 3.5MM STEREO PLUG: The Plug configuration (Tip, Ring, Sleeve - TRS) for stereo audio signals. The 3.5mm plug is a standard connector used in various audio devices such as smartphones, portable media players, laptops, and many audio sources.
  • 4.4MM BALANCE PLUG: The Plug configuration (Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve - TRRS). The 4.4mm plug is a balanced audio connector that has gained popularity in high-end audio equipment. It aims to reduce interference and potentially improve audio quality, particularly in more advanced audio setups.

ADJUSTABLE CHIN SLIDER: The cable includes a chin slider that allows for easy customization of the cable length, ensuring a snug and comfortable listening experience based on personal preferences.

SWEATPROOF ALL-DAY WEAR COMFORT: The cable is designed for ease of wear, featuring an elegant design achieved through a unique braiding method. The flexibility ensures a secure fit at the optimal angle for comfort, making it suitable for various activities such as enjoying music quietly or engaging in sports.


Brand Name
Product model
Product Type
Upgrade Cable for IEM
Pin Type
MMCX/0.78mm 2Pin
Cable Length
Gold Plated
Plug Shell
Aluminium alloy
Outer Layer
PP Yarn Woven
Termination Plug

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  • 1x Upgrade Cable

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