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MOONDROP - Filter Accessories for Blessing 2 IEM

Redesigned Anti Clogging Filter | Earphone Tweezers with 5 pair Filter | Specially Designed for Moondrop Blessing 2

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REDESIGNED ANTI CLOGGING FILTER: Unlike some other IEMs on the market, MOONDROP implements an acoustical damper and filters into one package in order to make precise control of frequency response. Its inner damper suffers some risk of contamination by vapor or earwax which causes volume imbalance. To fix that we developed a new triple-layer anti-clogging filter/damper. It effectively reduces risk of clogging issues that ends with volume imbalance.
All our products finished after April 2020 will come with this filter, our official store has them in stock already. Users suffering volume imbalance can purchase/replace filters by their own.
PS: due to special design of our filter, we don't recommend any aftermarket filters as they may cause obvious acoustical degradation.

FILTER INSTRUCTION: 1. Please press on one side of the original filter with the tweezers until the filter cocks up.
2. Take out the original filter.
3. Get a new filter with tweezers.
4. Put the new filter in edges-justified.
5. Gently press the edge with the tweezers until the filter surface is flat. Then the installation is done.


Brand Name: MOONDROP

Product Name: Tweezer with 5 Pair filters for Moondrop Blessing 2

Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Pair of filters: 5 Pair

Designed for: MOONDROP Blessing 2

Package Content:

  • 1* Tweezer
  • 5 *Pair of filters

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