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  • Aria comes with a replaceable silver-plated cable with a nylon braided surface. It uses a universal 0.78 dual-pin interface. This enables users have options to replace the stock cable to with-mic cable, bluetooth cable or upgrade cable for different scenarios and more fun.
  • Aria uses a complex process to create a metal cavity, which is ergonomic while taking into account the aesthetic design, which is as elegant and moving as an art work.
  • Aria adopts 10mm diameter dual- cavity magnetic high-performance dynamic driver, and the whole LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) liquid crystal diaphragm to bring excellent transient response and high-resolution sound details.
  • The newly designed high-frequency phase Waveguide reduces the distortion caused by high-frequency phase interference, makes the treble response smoother, and the treble more delicate and natural.


Product name: Aria High Performance LCP Diaphragm Dynamic IEMs
Driver Unit: LCP liquid crystal diaphragm-10mm diameter double cavity magnetic Diaphragm Dynamic unit
Headphone Socket: 0.78pin
Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
Frequency response: 5Hz-36000Hz Effective frequency response: 20Hz~20000Hz 

[WARRANTY ON EARPHONE] : 1Year warranty on manufacturing defects and easy-to-reach customer service.