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KZ - AZ10 Wireless Bluetooth Adapter

KZ AZ10 Bluetooth Module | Bluetooth 5.2 | Three Modes for Game | Three Frequency Balanced Super Sound Field | HD Microphone | Long Battery Life with 800 mAH | TWS + Dual Transmission AAC/SBC Lossless Adapter for IEM | Ergonomic Design

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KZ AZ10 BLUETOOTH EARHOOK: KZ AZ10 Bluetooth adapter has upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 can reduce distortion in sound quality transmission and is more comfortable when driving high-end earphones. This latest chipset allows you true wireless connectivity. The chip not just provides the most robust and stable connection but also elevates your music listening experience. The Bluetooth connectivity is buttery smooth free from any kind of lag or signal drop issues. It connects automatic and no need to pair every time.

THREE PERFORMANCE MODES: KZ Ear hooks has three modes- FULL POWER MODE will improve the sound quality and bass performance. HIGH PERFORMANCE MODE is use for gaming, the delay is as low as 40ms, professional analysis of the game background footsteps, guns, bullets, and other frequency response distribution. SPATIAL AUDIO MODE, press the right ear hooks three times. Simulate the multi-channel sound effects to create a strong sense of space.

THREE-FREQUENCY BALANCED SUPER SOUND FIELD: The self-developed full power mode brings sweet voices, stretches natural marginal transitions, clear transparency at the same brings an excellent sense of cohesion, and a comfortable and natural listening experience.

AUDIO AND VIDEO SYNCHRONIZATION: True wireless lossless high-definition Bluetooth adapter feature low latency too which will allow you to enjoy your games and movies more. This will let you enjoy your favorite tunes and video chats in peace. The low latency minimizes the delay to ensure the synchronization of the game audio and picture. This mode is specially designed for games so used this mode while you are playing game.

LONG BATTERY LIFE WITH 800 MAH BATTERY CAPACITY: KZ AZ10 Bluetooth Module allows you 6 hours Continuous listening with a single charge and 54 hours Additional charge with the help of a large cavity charging case which comes with these ear hooks. If you are in a hurry, The battery has a built-in 800mAh battery, allows you to charge 9 times at the charging case when the charging case is fully charged. The actual data may vary according to different usage environments. It come with Type C Charging Port.

TWS+ DUAL HOSTS TRANSMISSION AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: KZ's multiple audio processing technologies to create a three-dimensional listening experience, immersing you in sounds from every direction, so it feels like you're in your very own concert hall or theater. The Bluetooth ear hooks weight only 4.5g, are light, and have no pressure. The KZ AZ10 ear hooks are made of skin-friendly resin, which is soft and comfortable and fits the auricle. Extended wear is also comfortable.

AAC/SBC LOSSLESS WIRELESS AUDIO TRANSMISSION: A large part of the sound quality of wireless audio products comes from whether the amount of audio information transmitted is sufficient. KZ AZ10 provides AAC/SBC lossless wireless audio transmission, and the amount of data is twice that of the standard format. At the same time, the sound quality of the AAC format has been optimized. Make it have low latency, high sound quality, high performance.

COMPATIBILITY AND HD MICROPHONE: This fits for KZ ZSN/ZSN PRO/ZS10PRO/AST/AS16/AS12/ZSX/ZSN PROX/ZAX/TRN VX/ ZAS/ DQ6/ EDX Pro/ ZEX--CCA CA4/C12/A10/CA16/C10 PRO/CA24—TRN ST1/ MT1/ST2. The highly sensitive microphone can effectively balance call echo and ambient noise, giving only the natural and clear original sound of the call. In a noisy room, it will have no impact on vocal communication.


  • Brand: KZ
  • Model Name:AZ10
  • Bluetooth version:5.2
  • Charging port: TYPE-C
  • Connector: 0.75MM QDC
  • Transmission distance:about 15 meters
  • Earhooks battery life:about 6 hours
  • Earhooks battery capacity:50mAh
  • Charging case battery capacity:800mAh
  • Charges in the charging case:about 9 times

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