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KZ - 8 Core Upgrade Cable For IEM

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  • Rare 784 cores A total of 8 strands, 7small strands per share, 14 cores per small strand, a total of 784 cores, mixed and balanced braiding design, give full play to the advantages of three different conductors, and bring superior sound quality different from the past.
  • The cable base of high-purity oxygen-free copper has a wide frequency range and can accurately present clear and pure mid-bass rhythm response control. The addition of gold makes the tone smoother and more flexible, and the vocals are refreshing. The metallic silver makes the high frequency silky and smooth, the details are full, and the sound transparency is particularly prominent
  • 5mm metal plug: The connection is stable, the single transmission rate is fast, and the high-density shields battery interference.
  • Cubic weaving technique: The soft cable body effectively reduces the stethoscope effect.
  • 75mm QDC gold-plated pin: Adapt to most pluggable wired earphone, it is equivalent to extending the life of earphone


KZ Bold 8 Cores Gold Silver & Copper Mixed (784 Cores) Upgraded Cable 0.75mm Type C (QDC)

Applicable earphones:

0.75 mm 2 -pin (B-Pin)- fits for KZ ZST/ZSR/ED12/ES3/ES4/ZS10/AS06/AS10/BA10/ZST X --CCA C10/C16 ES4 ZS6 ZS5 ZST ZSR ZS10 ZS3 TFZ ES3 TRNV10 earphones

0.75mm 2-pin QDC (C Pin)- fits for KZ ZSN/ZSN PRO/ZS10 PRO/AS16/AS12/ZSX/ZSN PROX/ZAX--CCA CA4/C12/A10/CA16/C10 PRO

0.75mm 2-pin (A Pin)- fits for KZ ZS6/ZS5/ZS4/ZS3/ZSA/ED16/ZS7/ZS3E/ZSA earphones

MMCX- Only use for Tin HIFI T2/T2 Plus/T3/T4                 

             - LZ A6/A5/A4/A3/LZ-Z04A/LZ Z05A                   

             -YINYOO PRO H5/H3/HQ5/HQ6/HQ8/HQ10/HQ12/HX3/HX4/HX5

             -AZLA HORIZON.

             -FINAL E4000/E5000.

             -CAMPFIRE AUDIO AUDBOS K5 P4                   

             -WHIZZER.WESTONE          W20/W30/W50/XBA-Z5/XBA-H3/XBA-H2/XBA-A2/XBA-N3P/XBA-N1AP/XBA-300AP

             - XELENTO MAGAOSI K5/K3

             -SENFER DT6/PT15/DT8/UE900

            - SHURE SE215/SE846/SE425/SE535/SE535LTD/J、SE315.

Product Specifications: 

Product name: gold, silver and copper mixed (784 cores) Upgrade cable
Number of cable cores: 98 cores / strand, 784 cores 8 strands super strong line
Weight: 48g
Length: 1.25m
Plug: metal straight plug (3.5 mm)
Core diameter: 0.05mm
Material: natural high quality enamelled copper + golden high quality enamelled copper + silver plated copper

Package Contents:

1x KZ Upgrade Cable


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Rohan karan

Nice build, heavy ,exudes premium quality, marked improvement in bass no changes in soundstage for me though