Kinera - Celest Phoenixcall IEM


1DD+2BA+2FPD (Flat Panel Driver) | Beautiful Hand Painted Face Covers | Transparent Shell Design | 5N Copper Silver Plated Cable | 0.78mm 2 Pin | 3.5mm Jack | Two Distinct Eartips Options | Ergonomic Design | Comfortable to Wear

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Color: Purple-Blue

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1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

"Phoenixcall: Where Myth Meets Music, Craftsmanship Meets Clarity, and Beauty Meets Sound."


A legendary spectacle reminiscent of the ancient Chinese myth "The Legends of Mountains and Seas" unfolded as a hundred birds converged upon Phoenixcall. In this solemn realm where heaven and earth held sway, day and night gracefully exchanged positions, and the seasons perpetually cycled. Mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, winds, blizzards, rain, and snow were all components of a mystical force that dwelled in the shadows, beckoning the divine bird families to gather. These majestic avian beings materialized seemingly from thin air, painting the sky with their melodic songs. In unison, they soared toward the lush depths of the forest, encountering one another along the way, crafting a harmonious and grand spectacle as a hundred birds journeyed back to their southern homeland.

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"Phoenixcall" is equipped with 7mm robust magnetic coil to handle low frequencies, a specially tailored BA driver for mid-frequency reproduction, another customized BA driver for mid-high frequencies, and features two Micro planar drivers (Flat panel drivers) for ultra-high frequencies. This meticulous tuning of frequency division produces distinct features: robust bass, precise midrange, and pleasing highs, resulting in an overall sound profile that is bright, transparent, and true-to-life-making it particularly well-suited for enjoying pop music.


"Phoenixcall" features the phoenix pattern, laden with traditional meaning, as its primary design element. This phoenix pattern is skillfully merged with other bird and flower patterns. The dynamic and daring lines of the phoenix motif undergo a refined transformation with the addition of geometric elements, akin to a painted masterpiece, resulting in a distinctive and complete form. This design seamlessly blends timeless patterns with modern aesthetics, reflecting the desire for a joyful, prosperous, and serene life, along with the moral value of upholding great virtues and embracing the diversity of experiences, much like the convergence of various rivers.


The faceplate features an intricate phoenix bird and blue-sky design, while the IEM shell itself comes in a transparent pink). This transparency allows you to peek inside and admire the driver arrangement and other electronic components.


Phoenixcall comes with 8 Core 5N Silver Plated Copper Cable. It provides high resolution sound output with enhanced mid and high range permeability. It adopts 0.78mm 2 Pin connector and standard 3.5mm jack.

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Phoenixcall offers two distinct eartips options:
• Celest 221 Vocal Eartips: Elevate treble and vocals for an engaging listening experience.
• Celest C-07 Balanced Eartips: Deliver sound balance and a holographic soundstage for audio immersion.

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