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KBEAR - 8 Core Rhyme Upgrade Cable For IEM

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8 CORE COPPER EARPHONE CABLE: This 8 Core Upgrade Earphone Cable is made from Copper material, which can improve the earphone sound quality. This is MMCX/2Pin 2.5mm/3.5mm version earphone cable.
3.5MM/2.5MM STEREO TRS AUDIO JACK SUIT FOR MOST ANDROID MOBILE PHONE AND OTHER MUSIC PLAYER LIST: These 8 cores 2.5mm/3.5mm stereo audio jack upgrade cable compatible for Most smart mobile phone with standard 2.5mm/3.5mm Audio Jack connection part and also for Filo M7, M3, X1 II, Pioneer XDP-100R, Sony NW-A45, NW-A45HN, NW-A46HN, AK Jr, Shanling M0, M2s, M1, M3 DAP, M5 DAP, M2 Music player etc.
MMCX UPGRADE EARPHONE CABLE: The specification of this cable has MMCX/2Pin earphone cable connector part. Length is about 1.2mtr. MMCX connector cable suit for TIN T2 T2 Pro T3 T4 T2 PLUS Shuoer Tape BGVP DMG DM7 DM6 earphones etc.
GOOD MATERIALS AND MEMORY HOOK: 8 core alloy with pure Copper Plated professional earphones replacement cable is a good option for listening music, provide you different feeling of music enjoyment, more clear, good. improve bass and mids, the memory ear thing so they hold their shape around the ear, it works great. Near the MMCX the cable has a moldable plastic around the wires and is perfect for over the ear iems as it keeps the cable from resting or pulling down on your ears.
SOUND & SOUNDSTAGE IMPROVED CABLE: Copper wire cable prevents distortion of sound quality, and it maximally duplicates the original sound. This upgrade earphone cable delivers a considerably more defined, articulate bass response through greater linearity and resolution. The greater mid-bass control of the copper wire cable forms a cleaner bass presentation that enhances delineation between notes.

KBEAR 8 Core Copper Plated Upgrade Detachable Audio Replacement Cable, Earphone Cable


1.Product name: 8-cores Copper Plated cable
2.Characteristic: Improve bass and mids
3.Number of cores: 8 strands
4.Conductor material: Copper plated cable
5.Cable length: 1.2m
6.Brand: KBEAR
7.Color: Brown+Silver
8.Plug type: 2.5mm/3.5mm
9.Interface: MMCX/2PIN
10.Item contains: Earphone upgrade cable x 1 pcs


0.75 MM 2 -PIN (B-PIN)- fits for KZ ZST/ZSR/ED12/ES3/ES4/ZS10/AS06/AS10/BA10/ZST X --CCA C10/C16 ES4 ZS6 ZS5 ZST ZSR ZS10 ZS3 TFZ ES3 TRNV10 earphones


0.75MM 2-PIN (A PIN)- fits for KZ ZS6/ZS5/ZS4/ZS3/ZSA/ED16/ZS7/ZS3E/ZSA earphones

MMCX- Only use for Tin HIFI T2/T2 Plus/T3/T4                 

-LZ A6/A5/A4/A3/LZ-Z04A/LZ Z05A                   
-FINAL E4000/E5000.
-CAMPFIRE AUDIO AUDBOS K5 P4                   
-SHURE SE215/SE846/SE425/SE535/SE535LTD/J、SE315.


Customer Reviews

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Mukkish (Mumbai, IN)
Warm and well extended

This cable avoids the unwanted artifacts of most similarly priced silver plated cables, like reduced warmth and brittle highs.
It sounds smooth and well extended throughout the audible frequency spectrum.
Sounds a tad bit warmer than Limpid Pro 8 while retaining similar extension in the treble.
However, understand that this will also reduce the depth and instrument separation a tad bit.
If you have very bright earphones, you could get this, else, I'd recommend Limpid Pro 8 if you don't mind the bump in price.
The difference is a very little, but is in the favor of Limpid Pro 8.
Also, I have quite a few cables in the 500-3500 price range, as well as ones that came with some very expensive earphones... I'd recommend to stick with Rhyme or Limpid Pro 8, if you're looking for in this price range.