JCALLY - JC08 8 Core Upgrade Cable for IEM
JCALLY - JC08 8 Core Upgrade Cable for IEM
JCALLY - JC08 8 Core Upgrade Cable for IEM
JCALLY - JC08 8 Core Upgrade Cable for IEM
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JCALLY - JC08 8 Core Upgrade Cable for IEM

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  • JCALLY JC08 8core MMCX 2.5mm Upgrade Cable hand braided design for a much premium look and feel.
  • 8-core braided design featuring 25 x 0.05mm wires each core for a whopping 200 wires in whole cable braid. Cable is well protected from signs of oxidation and discoloration with the use of premium looking inert gold paint.
  • Each core contains 25 individual coils of wires which makes up a total of 200 coils high quality conducting wires.
  • The 2.5mm plug was made with 24K golden pin, which can burden 48H oxidation experiment.
  • The knitting cable is soft enough to avoid knotting. The knitting cable not only help to reduce interference, but also can stable transmission.

    The new JCALLY JC08 8core silver-plated upgraded cable attractive to us with best quality and lowest price. 

    It has good electrical conductivity and a bright and shiny surface. The silver-plated layer is highly corrosion resistant. We have a layer of anti-rust protective paint on the outer surface of the silver-plated wire, so it will not change for a long time.


    MMCX-- Only use for Tin HIFI T2/T2 Plus/T3/T4                 

                    - LZ A6/A5/A4/A3/LZ-Z04A/LZ Z05A                   

                    -YINYOO PRO H5/H3/HQ5/HQ6/HQ8/HQ10/HQ12/HX3/HX4/HX5

                    -AZLA HORIZON.

                    -FINAL E4000/E5000.

                    -CAMPFIRE AUDIO AUDBOS K5 P4                   

                    -WHIZZER.WESTONE W20/W30/W50/XBA-Z5/XBA-H3/XBA-H2/XBA-A2/XBA-N3P/XBA-N1AP/XBA-300AP

                    - XELENTO MAGAOSI K5/K3

                    -SENFER DT6/PT15/DT8/UE900

                    - SHURE SE215/SE846/SE425/SE535/SE535LTD/J、SE315. 


    Brand: JCALLY
    Model: JC08 Silver
    Model: Upgrade Cable
    Process: Silver
    Plating Core Material: Silver Plated 
    Wire: Special PVC Material
    Product Certification: Restricted on the use of hazardous materials in manufacturing
    Product weight: 32g
    Package: 1 Upgrade Cable