CCZ - Melody Wired IEM


10mm Dual Magnetic Circuit DD | UV Curing PC Cavity | Precise Acoustic Structure | Well Selected BA Unit | Lightweight Design | 4N OFC Cable | Patented Eartips | Patented Earfins | Ergonomic Design | Comfortable to Wear

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10MM DUAL MAGNETIC CIRCUIT DYNAMIC DRIVER:  The IEM presents clear musical details due to the dual magnetic circuit driver unit. A double magnetic flux has a higher electroacoustic conversion rate than a regular DD unit at the same frequency range. The low impedance and high sensitivity offer better energy efficiency and response, resulting in a rich and deep low frequency.

PROFESSIONAL TUNING FOR VARIOUS GENRES: The three frequencies are smoothly connected. Low-end thickness, mid-range density, and high-end details are considered in order to make the music versatile.

WELL SELECTED BA UNIT: CCZ Melody adopts a well-selected BA unit, which is for medium and high frequencyy, greatly increasing and extension of treble and bringing a delicate dynamic and transient texture.

UV CURING PC CAVITY: With high-density PC transparent material, the internal structure is fully visible. The Cavity covered with German nice-fit UV varnish is strong, comfortable, elegant, aesthetic and technical.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN OF EARTIPS AND PATENTED EARFINS:  CCZ Melody IEM eartips are made of TPE material, which is comfortable and smooth to wear. Short sound guide tubes bring drivers closer to eardrums to reduce sound loss. The eartips nozzle design enhances detail and soundstage by bringing stereo sound directly into the ears. With the combination of big data about the auricle and ear canal, a TPE soft and environment-friendly fin is added to the rear of the cavity, providing a more comfortable, stable, and lighter experience.

4N OFC DETACHABLE CABLE: Melody is equipped with 4 Core 4N OFC Cables with 0.78mm 2 Pin design, a powerhouse of transparency, separation, sound field, sound background, vocals, and instruments.

LIGHTWEIGHT BODY DESIGN: The earphone has lightweight components. A single earphone weighs only 2.3g light to wear and releasing the burden of ears.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN & COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Combined with the human ear big data models, we designed a new ear hook structure. It can perfectly fit the grooves of human ears, making it more comfortable and stable to wear for a long time.


Brand Name: CCZ

Model Name: Melody

Driver Unit: 10mm dual magnetic circuit DD unit + CCZ Customized BA

Impedance: 16±2Ω

Sensitivity: 110±3dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20Khz

Wearing Type: In-Ear

Mic: Yes

Plug Type: 3.5mm

Interface: 2 Pin 0.78mm

Cable Material: 4N OFC

Color: Black


CCZ Melody Wired IEM


Detachable Cable

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