TRN TA1 1 Knowles BA + 1DD Hybrid In Ear Monitors (IEMs) with Mic

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[1BA + 1DD HYBRID STRUCTURE] : The TRN TA1 uses a combination of Knowles balanced armature driver and dynamic driver. This time, TRN uses the popular Knowles 33158 balanced armature driver and customized 8mm dual magnetic dynamic driver. Use this combination of drivers to experience warm and clear vocal voice
[SUPERIOR PREMIUM MAGNESIUM ALLOY FACEPLATE AND CIEL] : For TA1 earphones, we have selected the superior premium magnesium alloy. This material has a natural luster and a gentle touch. This is an important step in TA1 design job. We focus on not only sound quality, but also aesthetics. Together, TA1 comes with different sizes of earpieces to fit the human ear
[CUSTOMIZED DYNAMIC DRIVER]: TRN has a 0.3 inch (8 mm) dual magnetic dynamic driver in TA1 earphones. Enhanced bass sound. The sound of a tonguing sound will sound to your chest and heart. Really, use these earbuds to fluff through the rhythm of bass
[PROFESSIONAL TUNING]: Unlike HIFI earphones, the main function is to enjoy music. We also focus on sound quality at its fullest level. We invite international famous engineers to tune this TA1 earphone. The sound of the TA1 earphones is more beautiful. 3 frequency sound balance. In addition, the frequency range of these earphones is wider than regular earphones. All sound can be reproduced from 10Hz to 40KHz
[EASY TO OPERATE AND DIVERSE USAGE EXPERIENCE]: TA1 earphones adopt the re-cable structure and can be used with a 0.1-inch (3.5 mm) stereo terminal to accommodate a variety of devices. The MMCX plug-in design is the same. Not only that, but the impedance of the TA1 earphone will be 16ohms and the sensitivity is 107dB/mW. We believe it will be a good music companion for your daily life. This earphone can be compatible with smartphones, DAP and other devices. With these earphones, you can experience high quality music without the need for additional devices


Product Name: TRN TA1 (1BA+1DD) Hybrid Metal HiFi Earphones
Brand: TRN
Model: TA1
Impedance: 16ohms
Sensitivity: 107dB/mW
Frequency band: 10Hz-40KHz
Connector: MMCX Plug-in Type
Plug: 3.5mm
Faceplate and Cield: Premium Magnesium Alloy
Driver: Knowles 33518 Balance Armature Driver
Customized 8mm Dual Magnetic Dynamic Driver
Wearing: Over-the-ear
Weight: 60g