TRN MT1 HIFI 1DD Dynamic In Ear Monitors (IEMs) with Mic

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  • PROFESSIONAL -GRADE IN EAR MONITOR:10mm dual magnet dynamic driver| Silicon crystal composite bio cellulose diaphragm imported polycarbonate housing |upgradeable and replaceable cable.
  • ELEGANT, STYLISH AND SIMPLE: Two colors to choose from. Pick the color that suits you Add a touch of excitement to your life. Dual – magnet driver gives more energy to your music MT1 dynamic driver adopts dual-magnet design. This newly-designed magnet increases magnetic flux by 55% -close to 1 Tesla. Resulted in an improvement in resolution, dynamics and speed.
  • A TECHNOLOGICAL-INNOVATIVE MASTERPIECE 5 SILICON CRYSTAL COMPOSITE BIO CELLULOSE DIAPHRAGM: Silicon crystal composite bio cellulose diaphragm is 2 times more efficient compared to conventional bio cellulose diaphragm, thus can be driven easily. This extends the frequency range, allowing excellent transient response even when driven by smartphones
  • IMPORTED ECO-FRIENDLY POLYCARBONATE: Made of imported environment- friendly polycarbonate for high-gloss and transparency. Mt1 will glitter beautifully under translucent light. This exceptionally rigid material is not just a good-looker but sounds equally good. It suppresses reflection of sound waves internally resulting in an overall tone is warm and mellow, Without a hint of harshness.
  • ERGONOMICALLY-DESIGNED FOR YOUR EARS: Based on the human ears, the external shell is shaped for long-Wearing without fatigue or irritation. Secure, Over-the-ears design ensures earphones stay in place for unmatched comfort and sound isolation. Newly improved 2 pin Type connectors Gold- Plated contact Pins




1.Product Name: TRN MT1 Dynamic Metal in Ear Earphone
2.Brand: TRN
3.Model: MT1
4.EarphoneType: In-ear
5.Impedance: 22Ω
6.Earphone sensitivity: 106dB/mW
7.Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
8.PlugType: 3.5mm L Plug
9.Cable Length: 1.25m
10.color: Green, Clear, Black
11.Whether with cable: Yes
12.Earphone interface:2Pin Interface
13.Whether can replacement cable: Yes
14.Driver unit:1DD Dynamic Monitors unit