ThieAudio - Legacy 4 Wired IEM


1DD+3 Knowles ED29689 Balance Armature | 3-Way Crossover | 2 Tuning Switch | 7N OCC 4 Core Custom Cable | Hand Crafted | Sound Isolation | Comfortable to Wear

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THIEAUDIO LEGACY 4 It was designed concurrently with the Legacy 5 to provide a unique twist to the lineup. With the beloved budget model, the Legacy 3 and 5, and the natural and smooth sound signature, we wanted the Legacy 4 to be a middle ground - both in terms of the tuning and price. Utilizing a completely new in-house 8mm poly-membrane dynamic driver for the low end, Legacy 4 provides the impactful slam of the Legacy 3 and 5, but with a faster speed and enhanced texture.

1DD+3BA HYBRID DRIVERIt adopts an 8mm poly-membrane dynamic driver, matched with the Knowles ED29689 BA and intuitive low-mid passive crossover design emphasizes a natural mid-frequency presentation. we have tuned the Legacy4 to bring more upper treble presence, highlighting upper frequency overtones and details. This tuning and the extremely capable treble extension of our new tweeters brings a greater level of airiness and shimmer to the mix.

2 TUNING SWITCHThe Legacy 4 crossover network is integrated into a 2-switch tuning system that allows the user to define the level of bass and mids. This tuning system means you can find the perfect sound signature no matter your musical preference! 

NEVER COMPROMISE WITH ANY DETAILCable is essential to improve and stabilize the sound transmission. Thus when it comes to Legacy 4, our team has worked hard to completely update our cable and included accessories! Paired with an 7N OCC 4-core custom cable, you’ll find the Legacy 4 in an all-new beautiful storage and travel case. 

HAND CRAFTED, TEST FOR QUALITY ASSURANCEEach Legacy 4 unit is hand crafted, from the medical-grade German resin, to the internal circuitry, all the way to the painting of the faceplate. You can rest assured that your Legacy 4 is both a one of a kind in design and in line with all of our quality check protocols. Every pair is individually tested for left-right channel matching and inspected for defects prior to packaging and shipment. At Thieaudio, quality always comes first.



Sensitivity(1KHz): 108土0.5dB
Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance(1KHz): 9.5Ω

Driver:8 Mm Poly-Membrane Dynamic Driver
High: Customized BRC composite high frequency
Mid: Knowles-29689
Low: 8MM silicon crystal + PU film

Earphone Jack: 0.78
Monitor Plug: 3.5mm
Detachable cable: 120cm