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TempoTec Sonata HD PRO HiFi Decoding for Iphone to 3.5MM Adapter DAC (IOS)

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Sonata HD Pro (IOS)





  • Product NameSonata HD PRO (iOS version), Support iPhone, Android phone and Windows. Sample Rate is up to 32bit/384kHz.
  • Professional AmplifierDAC Model: CS43131, Output Type: LINE OUT (AUDIO OUT), Output Power: 60MW/32
  • Volume controlpressing the + or - buttons. Direct Stream Digital, Sonata HD PRO decodes DSD Music by itself not by APP on cellphone. Real DSD and real buttons control volume.
  • DSD SupportDOP128 native 256, Sonata HD PRO(iOS version) can decode DSD file by itself.
  • Listening to musicSonata HD PRO doesn’t support microphone. It is only for listening to music. It supports DSD music. please make sure does your phone support OTG and usb debugging or not? if yes, it can use with our product. 1.Please make sure you have turned"USB Debugging" mode on of your phone. 2. Please confirm that your phone supports "OTG" function. 3. if you have done the first 2 tips and it still doesn't work, please try to download professional music app, such as power amp, hiby music..

    CS43131 Chip 

    * Decoding Amplifier

    * Volume control (pressing the + or — buttons)

    * Support Mac OS、iPad OS,iOS,

    * Real DSD, mini portable DAC & AMP

    * Micro to Micro OTG cable, Micro to Type-C OTG cable,2.0 USB to Micro cable, Micro to Lightning cable.


    Q1: Can Sonata HD PRO (iOS version) work with my phone?

    A1: Can you make sure does your phone support OTG and usb debugging or not? if yes, it can compatible.

    Q2: if i buy a Android version, and i have a lightning cable. Can the Android version work with my iPhone?

    A2: Not, it cannot.


    The different with Sonata HD PRO (iOS version) and Sonata HD PRO (Android version) 

    1. iOS version can support iOS, Android and PC, but Android version cannot support iOS.
    2. iOS version have a MFI Certified Chip, but Android version have not.


    iPhone | Android

    In order to make all users who like music hear high-fidelity sounds, we have provided two cables. iPhone or Android phone, just switch by a cable.


    Connection with iPhone/iPad, Connection to Android Phone with Type-C port

    LOSSLESS MUSIC,Mini portable DAC&, supports lossless PCM and DSD music. Enjoy music whenever and wherever.


    Connection with Laptop/Desktop, Connection with TempoTec V1 HIFI Player

    Direct Stream Digital,Sonata HD Pro decodes DSD Music by itself not by APP on cellphone.Real DSD and real buttons control volume