SpinFit - CP100 Silicone Eartips


High Quality Silicone Ear tips for IEM | 4.4mm-5.5mm Diameter Nozzle | Replacement Ear tips | Ergonomic Concave Design | Better Sound | Long lasting Comfort | Noise Isolation | Compatible with IEM

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SpinFit CP100 for IEM Silicone Eartips for Replacement, Secure Fit and Supreme Comfort.

COMPATIBILITY:  It is compatible with IEM nozzle diameter from 4.5-5mm.

PANTED EARTIPS: SpinFit is a patented ear tip. It has an ergonomic concave design at the core to allow the ear tip to swivel, making it flexible to bend and twist to the contour of a person’s ear canal. The flexible nature, easy swivel and attractive color options make it stand out form the average silicone eartips.

LONG LASTING COMFORT: SpinFit are made up of premium soft silicon material along with ergonomic design which provides supreme and long lasting comfort.

NOISE ISOLATION: They have a consistent seal even for earphones with any insertion angle which gives the perfect noise isolation.

BETTER SOUND: Simple installation makes SpinFit an easy upgrade for your earphone and hence, they become a perfect replacement for your ear tips. Its enrichment on treble and bass ensures a superior listening experience to the foam and the ear tips.

SIZE: The different size ear tips accommodate different ear canals.Choosing the proper size is critical for a secure, comfortable, and quality result. If you’re unsure, medium size fits most users comfortably.


How to Install:

Step1: Flip the umbrella up. Repeat after me please: Flip, Flip and Flip.

Step2: Squeeze the edge a bit and gently push the eartip on. Don't worry too much about breaking them. All SpinFit eartips are made of high-quality silicone, which is very flexible. But please be gentle with them like you always are : )

Step3: Flip the umbrella back down and DONE!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Swaminathan (Bengaluru, IN)
SpinFit CP100 silicone eartips are comfortable and improves sound quality.

SpinFit CP100 silicone eartips are perfect for over-ear IEMs & earphones. Highly recommended.

LDM (Mumbai, IN)
Perfect fit for BLON BL03s for me

I struggled to get a good fit with a number of eartips on my Blon BL03s. Among those I tried earlier was a Spinfit double-flanged model. Since the metal eartips on the Blon earbuds are relatively squat and stubby, I thought the extra insertion depth provided by the double-flanged tips would help. They did, but they also felt rather uncomfortable and insertion was fiddly. These CP100s are perfect. It does not feel like they go very far into the ear but the seal is great, and it shows in the sound.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Gaurav Negi (New Delhi, IN)
Still fit issue.

I brought these for blonbl03.
Sound quality enhanced.
Not fitting property (left ear and right ear seal ratio)
I didn't expected them to be so cheap for the price point.
Good experience from conceptkart.

Shivam (Lucknow, IN)
Great eartips. Perfect fit.

I bought these tips for my blon bl03 and they are really great. They fit perfectly to my ears and make great seal thereby enhancing the bass response. Delivery was fast and prompt.

saktheeswaran (Bengaluru, IN)
Great Great

I ordered medium size eartips for my KZ ZST X. It was a tighter fit. The eartips are very soft and has medical grade quality silicone, hence no itching. The sound quality has improved. Now zst x sounds more balanced with controlled bass. Truly love the eartips and more over great service by Concept Kart. It got delivered within 2 days. Love you guys 👍👏