SOUNDPEATS - H1 True Wireless Earbuds
SOUNDPEATS - H1 True Wireless Earbuds
SOUNDPEATS - H1 True Wireless Earbuds
SOUNDPEATS - H1 True Wireless Earbuds
SOUNDPEATS - H1 True Wireless Earbuds
SOUNDPEATS - H1 True Wireless Earbuds
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SOUNDPEATS - H1 True Wireless Earbuds

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  • ARMATURE (BA) DRIVER: There is no better option than the Knowles BA Driver, an industry leader in advanced audio processing solutions and the first choice for professional musicians and audiophiles. It reproduces clear and precise treble that doesn’t extend excessively and penetrate your ears, so more acoustic genres will simply shine on SOUNDPEATS H1.
  • 8.6MM DYNAMIC DRIVER: SOUNDPEATS H1 strikes a delicate balance between the resonant depth in the bass and rich details in the Mids. Its large dynamic driver preserves the tightness and beat of the music, while the extreme slimness of the diaphragm brings out the liveliness where you can hear the artist’s finger picking on guitars, or gasps and breaths in voices like you were inside the studio with them
  • LATEST QCC3040 CHIPSET: SOUNDPEAT H1 earbuds are the way to go. They are armed with the most up-to-date Bluetooth technology in the industry, so you can enjoy your favorite tunes and video chats in peace
  • AUDIO CODEC: The moment you pop SOUNDPEATS H1 in your ears, the lossless, beyond-CD sound quality is immediately apparent. The better the codec, the higher the bitrate, the superior the sound quality. What powers the hi-res wireless audio behind SOUNDPEATS H1 earbuds are some of the world’s finest audio codecs.
  • NOISE CANCELLATION: SOUNDPEATS H1 earbuds employ an ear-conforming design that flushes perfectly with your outer ear and molds naturally into the ear canal to form a proper seal, providing optimum noise isolation and pristine bass quality, even in noisy-as-hell conditions.



ULTRA LONG PLAYTIME-SOUNDPEATS H1 has an outstanding 40 hours of battery life in total, which is almost 1.4 times longer than Apple AirPods Pro. You get 10 hours of battery in the buds from a single charge plus an extra 30 hours from the case, which means that not only are they convenient for a jog or commute, but are also able to last for a long-haul drive or flight. 

WIRELESS CHARGING CASE: The charging case can charge the earbuds about 6 times, and can be quickly recharged through either a Type-C cable or a wireless charging pad.


Product Name- SoundPeats H1
BT Version- 5.2
Playtime- 10hours
Driver- Knowles balanced armature driver+ dynamic driver
Codec- aptX  Adaptive, SBC, AAC
Headphones Weight- 6.5g
charging case Weight- 44g
Item Dimensions- L93*W104.5*H42mm
Headphones Dimensions -L24.5*W22.5*H27mm
charging case Dimension- L72*W42*H33mm
charging Port- Type- c & Wireless
Bluetooth Chipset-Qualcomm3040 chipset
Frequency-20-20k hz
Color- Black
Capacity-HS:60mAh BS:500mAh
Earbuds chargine Time-1.5Hours
Earbuds Playtime-10 Hours per charge
Chargine Voltage-DC 5V 500mA
Sensitivity-SPK:105+3dB MIC:42+3dB


1 x SOUNDPEATS H1 Wireless Earbuds / 1 x USB-C Charging Cable / 1 x Wireless Charging Case / 3 x Inter changeable Ear Tips (S/M/L)/ 1 x free Comply Ear Tips /1 x User Manual


Customer Reviews

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Awesome buds!!!

Very good buds at this price range.mids,highs,lows are perfectly balanced .sound signature is good preferably on treble.bass is punchy and also wide sound stage.details are beats most of the buds at double the price clarity is good.other side caller hear the voice without disturbance.nice battery backup.bass is punchy not booming,overall sound clarity is awesome.its range is very good, this is the first buds that covers long range I ever used.even high price buds suffers at 9m or 10m long .it doesnot disconnect .but for small ears we have to use small ear tips.fitting is subject to the persons ears.

Kudos to seller , for delivering this buds at time.the
product was well packed and genuine. Before buying this product I have made lot of interactions with the seller ,he politely answer my questions.