Qudelix - 5K Bluetooth USB DAC/Amp


Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth | Dual ES9219 SABRE HiFi® DAC | 3.5mm Unbalanced 2.0V RMS | 2.5mm Balanced 4.0V RMS | aptX Adaptive | LDAC, AAC, aptX-HD | 6-20 Hours Battery time | USB DAC 96KHz/24bit | 10 Band Double Precision PEQ/GEQ | High Sensitivity 3-D LDS Antenna | Qualcomm® cVc™ noise cancellation | High Sensitivity MEMS Microphone | iOS/Android App | Windows /macOS App

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Qudelix is an audio system engineering company. We deliver a portable and affordable high-end audio solution for everyone. Based on our R & D team's highly extensive background and experience, we design and implement the cost-effective high-end audio system. System-on-Chip (SoC) is one of the most important keys to the best digital audio system. We always keep up with the latest semiconductor technology and build the application with optimized software and hardware. We are an Official Partner of Sony's LDAC, and provide our LDAC solution to the other set makers.

QCC5124 QUAD-CORE PROCESSORS:  QCC5124 architecture is engineered for high performance with low power consumption. Power consumption can be reduced by up to 65 percent compared to our previous technology for both voice calls and music streaming, and devices are optimized to support longer audio playback in virtually all operating modes.

DUAL ES9219 DAC CHIP: The ES9219 Upgraded SABRE Hifi SoC delivers audiophile-grade sound quality and output power, allowing the ES9219 to drive the most demanding headsets and provide a real line-level output to match professional audio equipment. The heart of the ES9219 ESS's award-winning SABRE DAC technology, with a Hyper Stream II modulator. This is the same architecture that is used in the world's finest audiophile equipment.

HIGH QUALITY BLUETOOTH CODEC: 5K supports the latest high-quality audio codecs, including aptX Adaptive, SONY LDAC, and AAC. Android 8.0 or higher supports LDAC by default. *iOS works with Bluetooth AAC 260kbps.

2.5MM BALANCED 4VRMS: Within any given audio system, the balanced provides higher output power, better linearity, and lower noise than the unbalanced. To the 2.5mm output,5k works with Dual ES9219 DAC/AMP. You will need to replace the existing 3.5mm UNBAL Cable with 2.5mm Bal Cable.

3.5MM UNBALANCED 4VRMS: To the 3.5mm output, 5k works with single ES9219 DAC/AMP. The ES9219 SABRE HiFi SoC delivers audiophile-grade sound quality and 2VRMS output power, allowing the ES9219 to drive the most demanding headsets and provide a real line-level output to match professional audio equipment.

AUTOMATIC BATTERY CARE: 5K manages the battery for maximum life cycle, not for the time. Furthermore,5k draws its system power directly from USB when working as a USB DAC. In other words, 5K does NOT draw any power from the battery when charging. It helps keep the battery life longer, and it ensures the same battery charging time even while streaming audio.

10 BAND PRO GRADE EQUALIZER: The embedded pro-grade equalizer is a vital benefit of 5K DAC/AMP over other similar products. It processes every incoming source audio from everywhere: YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, iOS, Android, PC, Bluetooth (all Codecs), and USB. For more degree of freedom, 5K DAC/AMP supports parametric EQ in addition to graphical EQ. The embedded DSP cores perform double-precision 64-bit EQ processing, providing accurate and precise frequency response.

2-WAY ASSOCIATIVE ABSOLUTE VOLUME: 5K always delivers the optimal sound quality, whatever source or device volume levels are. Any source volume level or device volume level will eventually control the 5K built-in Hybrid Volume System, keeping the source audio's original bit-resolution. No need to keep the smartphone volume or PC USB volume at the maximum anymore for the optimal Sound Quality. Adjust volume whatever comfortable way you like it.

IOS/ANDROID APP: 5K Mobile App enables the user to access every detail; Battery history, charger status, volume, DAC operating profile, DAC LPF filter, Equalizer, USB DAC sample rate, microphone gain, Bluetooth codecs. *5K is the only Bluetooth device that displays real-time LDAC bitrate.

SILICON MEMS OSCILLATOR: The built-in MEMS audio clock helps ES9219 D/A Conversion perform its best. Silicon is inherently more reliable than quartz. MEMS OSC also provides 3000 times better Vibration Robustness than quartz OSC.

3-D LDS ANTENNA: 5K delivers the optimal RF performance with high Sensitivity 3-dimensional LDS(Laser Direct Structuring) Antenna. The antenna is printed on the bottom case around the Red LED button.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Siddhesh (Mumbai, IN)
Good Bluetooth DAC/Amp

DAC/Amp is of good quality.
Connectivity is also good.

Läntern05 (Erode, IN)

Hi everyone, This was my second purchase from CK and I'm happy with the price and product as well.
This was my first ever dac that too wireless 😁
One there is not heating issue and the battery lasts more than 12 hours on 3.5 jack. And 9+ hours on 2.5 jack. I use with full volume on mobile and 25 steps on 5k. Also Ldac is always on.
The sound output is really really impressive for a wireless dac. I say this comparing it to my Abigail Dac. This 5k has neutral tuning with slight boost in bass.
The Bluetooth range is super good gives me great signal all around my house.
Now the highlight of this dac is the PEQ come on i thought it was a gimmic. But after using it does make difference.
Lastly the App is really convenient to use with regular firmware updates.
I have recommended this product to my friends and their review will be coming here in concept kart. Super nice experience with concept kart. Better than Headphones zone and hifinage. Thanks🙏

Suman Prasad (Hyderabad, IN)
Exceptional dacamp

I was quite hesitant in ordering this as I'm a nooby when it comes to EQing and so i want to try it out on this first. And, it exceeds beyond my expectations, love the bluetooth connectivity. I have a tin P1 which is a very power hungry iem and the 5k greatly improved the sound. Though one gripe is that the body is plastic- good plastic but nonetheless plastic and the buttons they seem little bit loose and fiddly. Overall I'm quite happy with this mini powerhouse.

P.s: the app was a bit daunting though, you need to spend some time with it to understand what you actually want to get from it.

Subramanian ps (Kottayam, IN)
Really Great DAC/AMP

One of the Classic devices on the portable Hi-End market. Qudelix-5K: is a small Bluetooth receiver of very high quality. and performance is top notch.
The best part is the Companion app.which has all the Functions like Eq DSP etc. you can set.
The tuning is quite neutral. Great DAC implementation.
This is a solid performer among the currently available Blue Tooth dongles.
Main strength are output power and The Companion App.
it has amazing Sound Quality with various IEMs i tried.
Thanks to Qudelix-5K and ConceptKart for making it available in INDIA.

JS (Gurgaon, IN)
Great purchase !

Love the functionality. Sounds better in wired mode.