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Qudelix - 5K Bluetooth USB DAC/Amp

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  • Dual ES9218p HiFi DAC 2.5mm Balanced (4V RMS) 3.5mm Unbalanced (2V RMS)
  • Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth Chipset HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP LDAC / aptX Adaptive / aptX HD / AAC
  • Bluetooth and USB DAC 96KHz/24bit with embedded double-precision equalizer
  • 500mA Li-Po Battery / 6~20 hours streaming
  • Plastic Body (Black) with anti-scratch UV Coating / Aluminum Clip (Dark Gray) / 52.8(H) x 26.7(W) x 15.6(D) mm (including Clip) / 25g


    Bluetooth DAC/AMP receives the digital audio over the Bluetooth link and performs Decoding, D/A Conversion, and Amplification with its hardware. Many use USB DAC for upgrading PC or Laptop Sound Quality. For smartphones, Bluetooth DAC can be the best option to upgrade Sound Quality. Although Bluetooth Audio Codecs are all lossy codecs, SONY LDAC, aptX-HD, and AAC provide good enough perceptual audio performance, enabling the built-in DAC/AMP reproduce the best Sound Quality.

    Qualcomm QCC5124 - The new Qualcomm Low Power Bluetooth SoC QCC5100 series is designed for advanced Bluetooth application. The breakthrough SoC series is engineered to reduce power consumption by up to 65 percent for both voice calls and music streaming, compared to previous CSR8675 solution. It is designed to reduce power consumption dramatically and offers enhanced processing capabilities. Qudelix-5K is the world 1st Bluetooth DAC/AMP designed with QCC512x chipset. QCC512x's ultra-low power consumption and the most powerful DSP capability enable Qudelix-5K to maintain high bitrate Bluetooth streaming more secure and for a longer time.

    Embedded Pro-Grade Equalizer - 5K is the only Bluetooth DAC/AMP, which provides a pro-grade 64-bit double-precision parametric equalizer for every input source. It processes every incoming source audio from everywhere: Youtube, Apple Music, Spotify, iOS, Android, PC, Bluetooth (all Codecs), and USB. It provides accurate and precise filtering performance, keeping original sound quality and resolution.

    Qudelix is an audio system engineering company. We deliver a portable and affordable high-end audio solution for everyone. Based on our R & D team's highly extensive background and experience, we design and implement the cost-effective high-end audio system. System-on-Chip (SoC) is one of the most important keys to the best digital audio system. We always keep up with the latest semiconductor technology and build the application with optimized software and hardware. We are an Official Partner of Sony's LDAC, and provide our LDAC solution to the other set makers.