QKZ - ZX3 Wired IEM


Double Magneto Coil | Professional Acoustic Calibration | High End Mosaic technology | OFC Cable | 2 Pin Upgrade Interface | HD Microphone | One Key Control Wire | Ergonomic Design | Comfortable to Wear

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Color: Black

ZX3 HAS HIGH END MOSAIC TECHNOLOGY: The high-end mosaic technology rarely found on products under 100 yuan, shows a glimpse of the inner structure by mixing and matching PC resin and metal components. Additionally, the translucent design showcases the aesthetics of future technology.

HIGH RESOLUTION METAMATERIAL TUNING SYSTEM: High-definition metamaterial tuning technology and sound field control technology and advanced components are used, which can produce a frequency response of 20kHz, allowing you to feel the delicate details of the music as if you're in a concert hall.

N50 THICK MAGNETOCOIL UNIT NATURAL STRONG LOW-FREQUENCY EXPRESSION: The new powerful sounding unit developed by QKZ Acoustics laboratory has a size of 10mm, achieving the amazing ratio of thickened double strong magnetism, which can condense rich magnetic flux into a shocking low frequency.

ENDLESS LOW FREQUENCY POWER: It is designed with an acoustic centrifugal pressurization structure that leverages the conduction characteristics of sound waves. The sound is enhanced through the turbine shape, and redundant high and medium frequency information is filtered simultaneously, so the timbre of the low and high frequencies is well connected, and the listening experience is thicker and more surging.

ADVANCED PARTS ACHIEVE LOW DISTORTION, BALANCED SOUND FIELD CONTROL TECHNOLOGY: Sound guide tubes are connected to the sound cavity that extends behind the driving unit so that three-frequency sound waves from the moving coil will be mixed. It is possible to regulate the air circulation so that the balance between low and high frequencies is maintained, distortion is effectively reduced, and rich and smooth sounds are produced.

360° STEREO SURROUND SOUND HELP THE GAME BREAK THROUGH SMOOTHLY: It Stimulates and enhances the three-dimensional layering of ambient sound, brings 360 surround sound effect, realizes accurate sound positioning, and clearly judges the sound direction, So that users can take the lead in the game and win quickly.

2PIN PLUGGABLE INTERFACE MAKE IT EASIER TO UPGRADE: Earphones with detachable wires bring richer playability. You can replace with different wires to complete the evolution of sound quality in different directions. A variety of silver-plated upgrade wires and Bluetooth upgrade wires of QKZ Audio are available.

ERGONOMIC COMFORT IN EAR CAN EFFECTIVELY ISOLATE NOISE: Ergonomic titled in-ear design fits the contour of the ear, is not easy to fall off and comfortable to wear, and Silicone earpad is adopted to effectively prevent sound leakage and reduce the external environmental noise, so that you can enjoy music to the fullest.

HD MICROPHONE: It has built in microphone and integrated wire, which supports comprehensive control functions, makes you switch from listening to music to answer calls flexibly.

OXYGEN FREE COPPER CABLE: High-quality ear wire is made by virtue of professional technology. OFC oxygen-free copper double-parallel wire possesses excellent anti-interference and anti-noise properties, which reduces signal loss to the greatest extent possible while ensuring natural sound transmission. 

3.5mm STANDARD PIN WIDELY COMPATIBLE WITH MAINSTREAM EQUIPMENT: It has Strong combability, supports smartphones, computers and other devices with 3.5mm headphone jack, and is compatible with windows, Android and ios device as well.

2 SETS OF TUNING EARPLUGS: Equipped with two different styles of tuning earplugs, So it can meet the listening hobbies of different people. It can effectively enhance low-frequency listening sense once equipping with low-frequency earplugs, it can achieve three-frequency balanced listening sense by equipping with balanced earplugs.

Customer Reviews

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Siddhesh (Mumbai, IN)
Lacks in bass

Vocals are good but not for bass lovers

Daniel Parihar (Mumbai, IN)
best in quality

Not for bass but for vocals