PRO - Stealth INOX Saddle


Designed to facilitate an Aggressive, Aerodynamic | Smooth PU Cover | Compatible with PRO Saddle Accessories | 142mm/152mm | INOX | Broad Anatomic Fit Recess | Short length | Wide Noise Design | Ideal for Flexible Riders | Carbon reinforced polymer base | Rounded rear profile to facilitate comfortable left and right movement | Lightweight

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Size: 142mm

PRO STEALTH INOX SADDLE: Carbon Saddle is Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Stealth Curved Performance Saddle is intended for competitive road cyclists who maintain an aggressive, aerodynamic, position on the bike; yet who also move from side-to-side while pedalling.

ALL FOR COMFORTABLE - It differs from the PRO Stealth Performance Saddle in that it has a rounded rear profile and slightly narrower nose to facilitate comfortable left and right movement during the pedal stroke. It also features an elevated rear end, which further helps riders maintain an aerodynamic position.

CARBON REINFORCED POLYMER BASE: The Black Bike Saddle features a carbon reinforced polymer base, stainless-steel rails and lightweight EVA padding, the Eva saddle is covered by a smooth PU cover. It is available in 142- and 152-millimetre-wide versions, both of which feature a broad anatomic fit recess to prevents discomfort, which is typically caused by the impingements on blood vessels or nerves running though the perineal region.

SHORT LENGTH & WIDE NOISE DESIGN: The Hollow Saddle Seat is a short length, wide nosed, saddle designed for flexible riders who move laterally while pedalling.


Part Numbers: PRSA0354/PRSA0355

Base Material: Carbon

Color: Black

New: Yes

Padding: EVA

Rails: Stainless Steel

Series: Stealth

Shape: Anatomic Fit

Width: 142mm/152mm

Package Content:

1* PRO Stealth INOX Saddle

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