MEILAN C5 Heart Rate Sensor Chest Strap Fitness Tracker HR Monitor

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  • Wireless Dual Mode Technology-Bluetooth BLE4.0 / ANT + Wireless connection via Bluetooth BLE4.0 / ANT + protocol, suitable for: bicycle computer, most popular smart phone apps (requires IOS9.0 or above or Android6.0 or above), sports watches. APPs currently tested: MEILAN, Zwift, etc.
  • How to Choose a Wireless Connection Mode ANT + connection mode: Icon + digital number displayed; Bluetooth connection mode: Icon + device name (Meilan-HRM). When your computer supports only one connection mode, you need to refer to the specifications given by your computer manufacturer to select the correct connection mode.
  • Connection Status Indicator Built-in LED connection indicator, LED flashes: Heart rate belt is waiting to be connected; LED is always on: Heart rate belt has been connected by the device; LED does not turn on or keeps on / off now: The battery run out and needs to be replaced. Note: The LED light will go out completely after 20 seconds of operation to save power.
  • Using replaceable batteries The built-in replaceable coin cell CR2032 can be used for 6-9 months. The battery cover can be easily opened with a coin. You may need to replace the battery when LED indicator cannot turn on or the LED is constantly on / off now or the displayed data at irregular intervals.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us and Meilan always here to help you solve your problems quickly and accurately, offer you excellent customer services.