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KBEAR - KS2 Wired IEM with Mic

1BA + 1DD Hybrid Driver | High Quality Audio Certification | Aluminum Alloy Nozzle | 2 Pin | 4 Strands | 6N OFC Cable | Ergonomic Design | Comfortable to Wear

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  •  HIGH-DENSITY PC MATERIAL DESIGN】:Translucent resin material, bright streamer, full of beauty and technology! The cabinet cavity of KBEAR KS2 is made of imported high-density PC material which can well suppress the diffuse reflection of sound waves inside the cavity. Through the optimization of the internal cavity acoustic structure, the overall sound is more warm and charming, and the soft and mellow audio performance is reproduced as the real picture. sound like feeling extremely rich.
  • 1BA+1DD HYBRID DRIVER IN EAR MONITOR (PU+BIOLOGICAL DIAPHRAGM) UNIT】:ts powerful low frequency response and transparent and mellow midrange performance, wide sound field, shocking sound quality. The mid-to-high frequency uses customized moving iron units, which can effectively improve the vocal resolution, the mid-frequency density is balanced, the sound is more mellow, the high-frequency is transparent and smooth, showing richer instrument details and delicate music which performed.
  • ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY DIVISION】:KBEAR KS2 not only with the electronic frequency division board to make sure the sound is clear, but also make a physical structure to give a more clear enjoyment. Easily distinguish the different instrumental tools and human voice. The mid-low frequency has rich infectant power and relaxed and natural characteristics. The mid-high frequency has nice resolution, transient and ductility. Reproduce the sound effects loyal to the original sound, bring charm and dynamic.
  • DETACHABLE CABLE & ALUMINIUM ALLOY NOZZLE】:4 strands of 6N OFC high-quality earphone cable not only effectively improve the transparency, separation, sound field, making the sound bottom crystal clear, vocals and musical instruments are more beautiful and beautiful, but also provides better sound quality signal transmission. Exchangeable 2PIN wire design improves the playability. KBEAR KS2 monitor headphone uses the Aluminium Alloy Nozzle, which making it more durability feature and fashionable.
  • 12 MONTHS WARRANTY】:Quality Assurance, All the products on Concept Kart are original. You will get 12 months warranty and friendly customer service from the date of purchase if you order from Concept Kart. Which make your purchase absolutely risk-free and you can enjoy testing out it's quality and durability! if there are any questions, pls feel free to contact us, we will give you a reply asap and provide solution. Wish you a happy shopping.

    KBear KS2 Hybrid Technology BA + DD Earphones. It is the newest in ear monitor. It has dual drivers per side, include 1Advanced Balanced armature and 10mm composite diaphragm (PU+biological diaphragm) dynamic drivers. Reproduce the sound effects loyal to the original sound, bring exquisite charm and dynamic.

    The KBEAR brand has always been based on the actual needs of global HIFI earphone enthusiasts, and actively develops, integrates the hearing experience, wearing feeling, and personalized design of HIFI earphone enthusiasts.

    1. Advanced custom moving iron unit
    2. Private model to create a housing cavity
    3. Translucent resin material
    4. 4 strands of 6N OFC high-quality wire
    5. High-quality audio certification
    6. The sound quality is clear
    7. Real physical frequency division, bringing 4D stereo field
    1. 10mm Composite Diaphragm (PU+Biological Diaphragm) Dynamic Driver
    2. Advanced Customized Balanced Armature Driver

    Product Specification:

    Model: KBEAR KS2
    Headphone type: In-ear headphones
    Headphone output source: HiFi
    Sensitivity: 106dB ±3dB
    Cell Impedance: 16Ω
    Frequency response range: 20-20kHz
    Pin Type: 0.78mm
    Plug diameter: 3.5mm
    Plug type: L curved
    Line length: 120 ± 5 cm
    Wired or wireless headset: Wired headset
    Color: Black
    Voice principle: 1 dynamic driver + 1 Balanced Armature Suitable style type music: Classical, rock, pop and so on

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Roshan R. (Kozhikode, IN)

This is my favorite budget iem, along with the blon 03, and I have quite a few budget iems. Although I'm writing the review only now, I've had this iem for quite a while.
I like V shaped iems more than balanced or neutral tuned iems.
And the ks2 has quite a V shaped sound, perhaps a bit too much at times, since you might feel that vocals are a bit too recessed at times, not always.
The bass is my favorite part of this iem, it's much more subbass focused than midbass. The subbass is rumbly and 'soft' feeling and has a medium decay, which I like, instead of super tight and fast.
Works quite well with EDM and is nice with most genres tbh.
I have been searching for a similar feeling bass in more pricey iems (both quantity and the 'feel'), but haven't exactly found a true upgrade.

Technicalities, I wouldn't say are amazing, but it's pretty good for the price.
I also like the tips that come with it. The stock cable is terrible tho, it works fine, but doesn't handle well at all.

Jalapeño (Kolkata, IN)
Decent earphones.

Jayanti Hembram (Kolkata, IN)
best value for money

The build quality and cable are good but basic, though the shell feels great in hand.

The KBEAR KS2 does more than the asking price indicates. It has a fun, energetic V- signature and it can be quite entertaining to listen to. It is good with wide range of genres and I like it especially while listening to electronic .

That being said, if you’re in for a two thousand rupees chi-fi adventure, then check these out. There’s not much to lose if you don’t like them or break them in the process.

Sarvesh G (Chennai, IN)
Good detail

This is my first IEM, Im using this with iphone12. I feel the detailing is very good.