Fipilock Smart Portable Bluetooth Fingerprint Biometric Lock Padlock

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[Your Finger is the Key & Easy Operation]: Just biometric fingerprint unlock, thumbprint padlock without the keys or passwords. Never lose your key again! Also don’t worry that the key is copied or the password is cracked. Stores 10 fingerprints, which are directly managed within smart thumbprint padlock. No computer is needed. 

[ Bluetooth Function]: Bluetooth version 4.2,bluetooth unlock/lock, registering fingerprint and fingerprint manage, reset factory settings ,Anti-lost function. Smart Bluetooth padlock with hi-tech fingerprint technology, fast processing CPU, 0.5s to unlock.

[Automatic Recognition Technology]: When smart thumbprint padlock is in empty status, any finger is key. When you set administrator account , your finger is key.

 [Waterproof IP65 with Low Power Consumption]: Up to IP65 level, waterproof padlock can prevent from the rain and dust efficiently. Full battery, biometric padlock can support 3000 times lock/unlock actions.

[Enhanced Security]: Seamlessly designed, High quality ABS and PC material and high toughness steel wire. Prevent from being pried or smashed or cut.


Product Specifications
- Charging ( Type-C ): 5V / 200mA
- Battery specifications: 3.7V 120mAh
- Static current: ≤30uA
- Driving voltage / current: 3.3V / 100mA
- Fingerprint collection time: 0.5s
- Fingerprint matching time: 1s
- Rejection rate: <1%
- False acceptance rate: <0.002%
- Number of fingerprint groups: 15 groups
- Indicator: red, blue, green
- Bluetooth connectivity distances: ≥10m