FIIL T1XS TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones, Support FIIL+ APP, Waterproof Earbuds

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  • FIIL+ APP & LIGHT CHARGING CASEPlease shift to FULL function's operation via APP to experience more. FIIL T1XS earbuds support FIIL+ APP, which allows you to experience 15 types of EQ sound modes and customize your own EQ styles. You can also adjust the sensitivity of touch control and wearing detection, change the low latency modes, check the battery level, and do other basic operations. 30% lighter and 42% smaller than T1X, these wireless earbuds bring you a better listening experience.
  • EAR-IN WEAR DETECTION & TOUCH CONTROLWith wearing detection, the music stops when the TWS earbuds are removed, and continues playing when the Bluetooth earbuds are put on. This will remind you whether you TWS Bluetooth wireless earbuds are worn correctly. We also provide different sizes of ear tips and ear wings for you to choose so that you could choose a suitable one. Touch control in-Ear earphones are designed for pausing music, changing the volume, picking up, or hanging up calls.
  • MONITORING MODE & 2X MIC ENC Featured by monitor mode, FIIL T1XS ensures you to hear the surrounding sounds while listening to music, helps you avoid missing important information. Dual-mics noise-cancelling technology of these built-in microphone earbuds upgrades noise recognition ability and bring you better call experience.
  • BLUETOOTH 5.0 & LOW LATENCY MODESimply open the FIIL T1XS case near your phone, they will pair effortlessly within 1s. FIIL true wireless earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 and LDS tech to improve the stability of the wireless connection. Three low-latency modes (music/video/gaming mode) match different situations and bring you a better experience.
  • FAST CHARGING & LONG-LASTING BATTERY With the Type-C charge, FIIL T1XS noise cancelling earbuds offer up to 2 hours of playing time after only 10 min charging. The charging case of the cordless bass earbuds keep you away from anxiety even if you are far away from home. You can enjoy a total of 24 hours listening with the charging case.


    The case for the earbuds is pretty compact. In fact, it measures just 2.8 inches wide, 1 inch tall and 1 inch deep. Before you use them, FIIL recommends that you give the case (with the earbuds placed inside) a quick 10–20-minute charge. After this, open up the lid of the case and you should see the small green LED on the front begin to blink, indicating an automatic sync. At this time, pick up the earbuds and you should see the small blue LED (on each earbud) begin to blink rapidly. This means that the earbuds are ready to pair with your Bluetooth-enabled device.

    Go to your smartphone (or whichever Bluetooth device you want to pair with) and go to your Bluetooth settings. When you see a list of available nearby connections, select “FIIL T1 XS” from the list. Tap it once and give it a few seconds; you should now be able to freely use them.


    Before you begin to truly enjoy the T1XS earbuds, you’ll need to do a bit of trial and error. What we mean by this is; don’t settle with the default installed ear tips and earwigs. Swap out different sizes until you feel that the earbuds rest gently in your ear canals without causing any annoying pressure points. When you achieve a proper fit, it’ll allow the earbuds to passively isolate unwanted background noise and let you enjoy them for several continuous hours, without any discomfort. We were lucky enough to utilize the pre-installed tips and wings, since right out of the box they felt like the correct size for our ears. However, changing them isn’t too much of a hassle – it’s actually quite easy.

     FIIL T1XS TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earphones