Elgato - Wave:3 USB Condenser Microphone (Unboxed)


Elegant Architecture | U-Mount And Padded Base | Multifunctional Dial | 24-Bit/96 KHz Conversion | USB C & High-Power Headphone Output | Proprietary Clip Guard Technology | Nine Independent Input Channels | Advanced Audio Processing Capabilities | Custom-Built Software Called Wave Link | Perfect for Podcast, Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Free Mixer

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HIGH-QUALITY AND INTUITIVE MICROPHONE: The Wave:3 is designed with an elegant and modern architecture. This device is designed to provide a professional-level recording and streaming experience with its sleek, elegant design, exceptional audio quality, and intuitive control features.

HEAVY DUTY DESK STAND: Wave: 3 has U-mount which designed to allows you to easily remove and reposition the equipment without having to readjust the arm. The Wave:3 has padded base which is useful for microphone stands or other equipment. The soft padding helps to prevent scratches or dings

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DIAL: The Wave:3 has a multifunctional dial that allows you to adjust various settings with ease. This dial is located on the front of the device and provides quick and intuitive control over input gain, headphone volume, and crossfade between the microphone and the PC.

SUPERIOR CIRCUITRY: The Wave:3 features 24-bit/96 kHz analog-to-digital conversion, which is a high-quality digital audio processing technology that ensures exceptional detail and clarity in your audio recordings or streams.

USB TYPE-C & HIGH POWER HEADPHONEOUTPUT: The Wave:3 has a high-power headphone output that provides crystal-clear, zero-latency monitoring, making it ideal for recording and streaming applications where accurate and reliable audio monitoring is critical.

DUAL-LAYER METAL MESH: The Wave:3 has a robust metal chassis with a reinforced elastic suspension system that helps to isolate the microphone from mechanically transferred noise and impact. The metal chassis is designed to be durable and rugged, providing protection for the internal components of the microphone. The reinforced elastic suspension system helps to absorb vibrations and shock, which can reduce the amount of noise and impact that is transferred to the microphone. It isolates the microphone from the mechanically transferred noise and impact.

GET AMPED WITHOUT CLIPPING: The Wave:3 features proprietary Clipguard technology, which helps to prevent distortion and clipping when input levels peak during live recordings or streams. When the input levels exceed a certain threshold, the Clipguard technology instantly reroutes the audio through a second signal path that runs at a lower volume.

WAVE LINK - THE CREATOR'S MIXER: The Wave:3 comes with a custom-built software called Wave Link, which is designed specifically for content creators who want to have ultimate control over their audio output. Wave Link allows you to route and mix audio from multiple sources, including microphones, instruments, game audio, alerts, music, and more. Wave Link also includes pre-built templates for popular streaming and content creation platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube, making it easy to get started with creating high-quality audio for your streams or videos.

MULTI-CHANNEL COMMAND: The Wave:3 has nine independent input channels that allow you to blend multiple audio sources in real-time, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including game audio, voice chat, music, alerts, samples, and more.

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Ashutosh Dhruw (Raipur, IN)
Surprisingly GOOD

At first i was little worried because it is an amazing deal even for an unboxed product , but when I got the mic I was relieved as it was just like brand new.

I am definately gonna buys more stuffs later.

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